Mission 1 - Lockvogel / nie no utage

A couple are seen leaving a building. The girl, Michiko, bids goodbye to her boyfriend, Masato going home on his bike. Suddenly, A car 'falls' from the sky and crashes directly on Masato, killing him on the spot (unlucky guy…). Michiko goes hysterical.

In a flower shop, 4 florists are worshipped like gods (you're supposed to assume they break the hearts of many girls around the neighbourhood). Many girls flock to their shop. The 4 hunks are :

  1. Aya - cool attitude (fiercely told his worshippers "If you aren't buying anything, go home!")
  2. Youji - Seems to enjoy the affection - he likes women.
  3. Ken - Shy but pleasant attitude (blushes when he sees the girls - come on, get real…)
  4. Omi - the youngest of them all - is overwhelmed by the affection.

While being 'caressed' by their die-hard supporters, Omi spots Michiko from afar looking down. He learns that her boyfriend has been killed in that 'car accident'.

Back in the school library, Michiko is unable to concentrate at all. She decides to find more information about that car that killed Masato. Whilst in the process, she senses that she is being watched. Frightened, she dashes out of the library and collides head-on with someone. She looks up at the man and is shocked to see that he resembles Masato (I personally could not find any similarity). Kimura becomes friends with her and hints that the information she wants may be in a diskette from that cursed car (the one that fell straight on her boyfriend). She remembers picking it on that fateful day.

She and Kimura try to decode the password to the diskette. Falling asleep in front of her PC, Michiko is stirred awake by the sound of someone slipping a note into her apartment. She reads it. The note told her to go to a certain holiday house on the 8th April if she wants to find out the truth.

Michiko goes there with Kimura and is shocked to find the 4 florists instead. Youji then claims that the note that was slid into her apartment was meant for someone else and blames Ken for sending it to the wrong person. Omi persuades her to stay with them since she is already there. She agrees.

Michiko, Kimura, Omi and Youji spent an enjoyable evening. Later, Omi and Youji leave the holiday house. Alone, Michiko gets an inspiration for the password after seeing a shooting star and tries the password. It works and Michiko successfully accesses the information in the diskette. A red axe is flung towards her, cutting her slightly on the face. Kimura reveals that he was one of the 4 killers after that cursed car that night. They wanted the diskette information to blackmail their client. Now that they have got it, all that’s left for them to do is silence her.

The four florists lay in ambush, watching. A blackout was created and Michiko is dragged to safety. When the lights are switched on again, an apparition of Michiko was seen running out. The other killers give chase and is killed subsequently by Youji, Aya and Ken who was disguised as Michiko. The last killer (Kimura) faces Aya. Aya reveals that they are Weiß, white hunters of darkness and gives him a fatal slash with his nihontou.


The cursed car...

A shocked Michiko after being attacked by Kimura

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