Mission 10 - Bruder/ Kuraki kizuna

Omi has a dream where he returns to his childhood. He recalls playing with 2 elder brothers. The 2nd brother turns into a gross creature (Masafumi). Omi screams and wakes up in cold sweat. He takes up the half-burnt photo which is his family photo which he had found in Masafumi's mansion. Omi happens to be part of the picture. He tries to find more information about the Takatori family and finds out that Masafumi had 2 other siblings, his elder brother Hirofumi and a younger brother Mamoru whose whereabouts are currently unknown.

The next morning, having not slept well, Omi yawns while doing work. Youji teases him about going online to find cyber-girlfriends. Oka enters the shop and invites (sounds more like demanding) him to a party with her that is organised by the upper society. Omi turns her down on the reason that he still has to work. Oka leaves in a huff.

Persia has another mission for Weiß. A couple of politicians have been engaging themselves in a hunting game which abducts youths into the forest as their hunting prey. Their target this time are the politicians as well as the organiser of this man-killing game, Takatori Hirofumi. Omi is shocked that Hirofumi strikingly resembles the other brother in his dreams. Manx adds that the youths that they abduct usually go missing after going to a certain pub. Aya is about to volunteer to check the pub as the bait but Omi insists that he take up the job.

Oka spots an all dressed up Omi entering the pub. Curious, she follows him and is harassed by some punks. Omi comes to her rescue. They dance together and sometime during the dance, Omi spots some men leading a few youths to a place. After the dance, he insists that Oka go home. When he thinks she's no longer around, he deliberately allows a man working in the pub to take him to an unknown room where the man sprays something on him, causing him to fall into a slumber.

Omi wakes to find himself in an enclosed van. He looks around and is shocked to see Oka lying next to him (she has been following him, that's why). The next morning, he and other youths which had been abducted were released into a forest and the men who brought them to the forest fires shots at them to force them to run for their lives. Oka tries to prevent the hunting dogs from attacking someone and ends up being bitten by them. Omi carries her to a safe cave where he nurses her wound and promises her that he'd attend the function with her. After putting her to sleep with a sleeping pill, Omi sends the signal for Weiß to get into action. He meets Youji first and asks him to send Oka home for him while he goes to find Hirofumi, who on the other hand, after seeing the politicians been killed by Aya and Ken, quickly flees back to the house.

Omi finds Hirofumi. Instead of killing him, he demands to know where his 3rd brother, Mamoru is. Hirofumi, after a little pondering, realises that Mamoru is none other the one in front of him - Omi! Omi's worst fears are confirmed. The two brothers reconcile and Hirofumi asks him to join him to be with their father. Omi's tears drop as he recalls his father. In the meantime, Aya and Ken has found them in the house and is surprised when Omi asks Hirofumi to flee, pointing Hirofumi's gun towards Aya and Ken instead. After Hirofumi has escaped, Omi breaks down and reveals the shocking truth - that he and Hirofumi are brothers, implying that he is from Takatori's family too!


Omi's childhood

The half-burnt photo

Omi shielding his brother

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