Mission 11 - Abkunft/ Jubaku kara no ketsu betsu

Omi broods over the fact that he is a member of the Takatori family. Oka is concerned but Omi does not confide in her. He goes to see Aya and asks him why he gets so worked up everytime he sees a member of Takatori. Aya refuses to tell him a single thing.

Aya, Ken and Youji keep a watch on Hirofumi by arranging flowers in a function room where Hirofumi is taking care of preparations for a party. Youji and Ken are troubled over what to do as Hirofumi is Omi's brother. Aya, on the other hand, insists that he does not care and is determined to complete his mission.

After school, Omi sees Oka who had come to his school to look for him. She tries to cheer him up and make him tell what is bothering him. She then brings him to her mother's restaurant. Her mother tells Omi that some matters can only be resolved by their own-selves.

On his way home, Omi spots Aya's car and follows him. He finds the latter visiting a girl in a hospital ward and learns that her name is Fujimiya Aya (the girl that Aya has been visiting). He shows himself when Aya is about to leave and questions him about the girl. He reveals that she is his sister, and that Takatori Reiji was responsible for the plight that she is in now. in the meantime, Ken and Youji are troubled whether to take action or not. Aya tells them the decision all lies in Omi himself.

Omi attends the party with Oka. Hirofumi is present and wonders what he is doing there. Sometime during the party, Oka leaves Omi to call her father. Her father happens to be Takatori Reiji. Hirofumi finds Omi. He brings the latter to a quiet corner and demands to know the reason why he had wanted to kill him. Omi refutes by asking why he should be engaged in such savage activities that requires lives to be killed for entertainment. The two brother have a heated argument and Omi leaves, telling his brother that he'll never grow to be like him. Schuldich hears their conversation and tells Hirofumi there is a way to make him confess.

Oka goes looking for Omi and is harassed by someone. Omi comes to her rescue. Oka reveals her feelings for Omi and tells him that it hurts her when he is not happy and not telling her why. The two are lost in an embrace when Shuldich appears. He punches Omi unconscious and takes him away, leaving a worried Oka shouting for him. Manx, who had chanced upon what's happening, quickly informs Weiß.

Schuldich brings Omi to Hirofumi's apartment the latter gives Omi a thrashing in a bid to make him reveal who his companions are. Aya, Ken and Youji arrive and lay themselves in ambush. Despite the thrashing, Omi remains tight-lipped and finally sees the light that they can never be brothers. Youji and Ken are happy over his decision and reveal themselves to save him. As Aya tries to slash Hirofumi however, Schuldich saves him and he flees. Weiß has a fight with Schuldich but is no match for him. Schuldich leaves after triumphantly announcing that he has remembered their faces and will come back to deal with them. Aya unties Omi and tells him that he is no longer Takatori Mamoru, but Tsukiyono Omi.

Hirofumi escapes in his car but is intercepted by Omi. Omi kills Hirofumi with his own hands.


Omi being thrashed by his brother

Schuldich rescuing Hirofumi

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