Mission 14 - Fliehen / shu to kai gen

Weiß is heavily cornered but they refuse to give up. In the meantime, Farferello closes in on Aya and he only manages to escape in the nick of time. Crawford decides to take Aya on personally. Meanwhile, Omi is shot and falls. On Aya's side, Farferello attacks him from behind and Aya falls. As Crawford is about deliver the fatal stab on Aya, Shuuichi's car appears and he pulls Aya into his car. Crawford prevents Farferello from chasing after him.

Manx nurses Aya's wounds on the car. Shuuichi brings him to the grounds where the remaining members of Weiß are putting up a miserable fight. Meanwhile, Youji gets on a vehicle and tries to lure the army away. He fails. The commander orders that Youji be killed. Ken intervenes and meets up with Youji. He then starts the car and proceeds to pick Omi up. Youji remarks half-indignantly that it due to convenience that Ken saved him. Omi regains consciousness and is shocked to see Youji and Ken approaching his direction. He yells at them to flee. Weiß at this time is cornered and surrounded heavily by Takatori's army.

The commander orders the army to finish Weiß off. It is at this time when Aya intervenes. Furious that there should still be a member left,. The commander goes after Aya and falls into his trap. Aya kills the commander. With the commander killed, the rest of the army fall into a fluster and fled for their lives. Weiß is thus saved.

Takatori Reiji is elected to be the Prime Minister, thus Shuuichi has to escape. Whilst packing, he picks up the family photo and memories flashes back. The army arrives at the flower shop to capture Weiß, only to find that they have already left. In the meantime, Takatori Reiji releases news that the terrorist organisation is named Weiß and their leader is Takatori Shuuichi and Reiji claims that he will do anything for justice, even if it means prosecuting his brother himself.

Meanwhile, Reiji puts the whole country under curfew and violaters are captured. On the other hand, Schwarz is being locked up by Reiji in a room. Reiji appears and claims that he does not need that protection anymore, because he had known that Schwarz was sent by S.Z. to be his bodyguards because they were supposed to spy on him. Crawford stops Farferello and Shuldich from fighting with Reiji and coolly replies that they understand his intentions well. Nagi silently remarks that Reiji is an idiot.

Weiß goes into hiding. They agree that the only way to put a stop to all this is to assassinate Takatori Reiji. Shuuichi visits the grave of Reiji's wife, also Omi's mother. He recalls that when he was young, they had been lovers but later, Kiku (Omi's mother) married Reiji and later, he found Kiku commited suicide. After he had left Kiku's grave, he knocks Manx unconscious and leaves her in a safe place as he does not want her to be in involved.

Aya pays Sakura a visit and asks a favour from her. He gives her a key and instructs her that if he should not be able to return, she is to go to the police hospital and find his sister and transfer her to another hospital. Meanwhile, as the rest of Weiß wait for him, Ken jokingly asks Youji if he should bid his girl-friends farewell too. The latter scorns that he would need more than a year to do that if he wanted to.

A car stops outside Reiji's building and Shuuichi steps out. He demands to see his brother. In the meantime, a patrol car spots Omi on the streets and give chase. Subsequently, they fall into Weiß' trap. Weiß disguises themselves as the police and proceeds to sneak into Reiji's building.


Aya coming in the nick of time

Omi's mother being forced to marry Reiji

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