Mission 15 - Duell / Gyaku shuu no karyuudo

Shuuichi is brought before Reiji. Reiji orders his bodyguards to leave them so that they could have a talk. When they alone, Reiji thanks Shuuichi for his organisation (Weiß) had helped him grasp the opportunity to use his army, allowing him to have maximum power in his hands, so actually he does not bother whether Weiß is caught or not. After hearing this, Shuuichi picks out a gun which he had hidden and claims that he will not let Reiji have his own way. In the meantime, Weiß has successfully sneaked into the building.

Sakura sneaks into the police hospital (she has to do that due to the curfew) and goes to see Aya's sister. She is surprised that his sister looks exactly like her.

Shuuichi demands to know why Reiji had refused to pay Mamoru's (Omi) ransom, resulting in Kiku, overwhelmed in grief, committed suicide. Reiji refutes that Shuuichi wants a member of Takatori to fight against him. Meanwhile, Omi hacks into the building's security system and Weiß carries their plan out. Ken creates a fire and calls for help. In the meantime, Youji and Aya pretend to be injured soldiers and fight their way into the building.

Reiji reveals that Mamoru is the son of Shuuichi and Kiku's, not his, and that was the reason why he had refused to pay the ransom. He jeers at Shuuichi for not realising that he had put his own son to execute these missions and kill the people for him. He fires the dazed Shuuichi a fatal shot from the gun which he had hidden under his table. He then calls for someone to take Shuuichi away and is shocked to hear that Weiß has fought into the building. Reiji escapes and by the time Weiß reach his office, they only find the dying Shuuichi lying on the floor.

Before breathing his last, Shuuichi reveals to Weiß that the pain that they had suffered were all caused from the doings of Reiji and issues the last mission to them telling them to kill Reiji. Omi is devastated by his death.

Reiji hurries to the room where he had previously locked Schwarz and asks for their protection against Weiß. However, they refuse to help him anymore and leave. Reiji finally comes face to face with Omi and Omi asks him why he had killed Shuuichi and Oka. Reiji does not give him an answer. He escapes and reaches the top of the building. Aya catches up with him and confronts him. Reiji however insists that he is right and puts up a fight with him. He tries to escape in a helicopter, but Aya chases after him and delivers a fatal slash, hence killing him and putting a stop to his wrongdoings.


Shuuichi brought before Reiji

Sakura seeing Aya's sister

Omi devastated by Shuuichi's death

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