Mission 16 - Schatten / tatakai e no kai ki

After executing the last mission, Weiß is disbanded and their respective members return to their normal lives before they were in Weiß.

Walking on the streets one day, Youji spots a woman who looks exactly like Asuka and runs after her. The woman however says she is Kyoko and Youji takes her out. Meanwhile, Aya has found work in a construction site and is working to pay for her sister's medical fees. He has transferred his sister to another hospital and he has moved there too. Omi, while sending email in school, hears about a cult abducting girls as offerings for their rituals. Not feeling good about it, he consults Ken who is now coaching kids to play soccer. Ken tells him not to bother too much as they are no longer in Weiß and such things do not concern them anymore. During a practice session, Ken senses someone watching him.

Youji brings Asuka to the holiday house so they can spend some quiet time together. On their way there, Youji senses that his car is being followed. Ken walks some kids down the road and had a close shave when a vehicle approaches their direction and later crashes. Ken realises that the driver has been strangled with a whip and Shoen from Schreient comes to his mind. Meantime, Youji is trying to come to terms to himself that the girl with him is Kyoko, not Asuka when Kyoko (actually Noi from Schreient) sneaks from behind and attempts to strangle him. She becomes distracted by a paper-plane that a man threw and flees. That man had followed Youji's car earlier on. At the same time, Aya goes to visit his sister as usual and is shocked to see her hospital bed empty. In his sister's place is a cross carved by a dagger onto the bed.

Omi's classmate is abducted and his other classmates presume that it is done by the cult that will burn them and offer them as their sacrifices. In a daze, Omi walks back the flower shop and is shocked to find that the rest of the ex-Weiß members present too. A man (the one that followed Youji) walks into the room accompanied by a woman and reveals that a new evil has appeared and that Weiß has to be reinstated. The man is Botan and his assistant is Birman and he reveals himself to be the newly appointed Persia for them. Ken and Youji protest, as they have no wish of forming Weiß again. Manx walks in telling them that they are already involved whether they like it or not. She then reveals the first mission they have in hand, which is the case of the cult abducting young girls. Aya accepts it in the hope of finding his sister there.

Weiß successfully stops the cult members from burning the girls in time and they have a fight. Aya tries to find his sister amongst the girls, but in vain. The cult members are killed and Ken remarks that he would not ever want to be in Weiß if he had a choice.


Youji attacked by Noi

Aya's sister abducted

the girls prepared to be sacrifices for the ritual

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