Mission 17 - Kritiker / na mo na ki hokori

A bunch of unruly youths were burned to death suddenly after a mysterious person in a cape walks past them. Sakura goes to the flower shop hoping to find Aya there. She is not successful. Botan who has been following Aya enters his car and passes him the key that Sakura had passed to him to return to Aya. He tries in vain to persuade Aya to go back Weiß. Aya tries to get him off his car but he stays put.

Weiß learns about the recent spate of incidents where youths on the streets are suddenly being burned. They see Manx for the last time and she discloses that she will no longer be in charge of them. In this mission, they are to execute the masterminds of the people who have planned these events.

In the car, Botan tells Aya about the mission that he had issued to Weiß and tries to rouse his interest. Aya does not care. Botan tells him that the ultimate mastermind is probably S.Z. and they are probably the ones who kidnapped his sister. He gets Aya's attention but the latter still does not agree to go back.

In the hospital, Aya tries in vain to get information from a nurse. On the other hand, the spy which Botan has planted in the hospital passes him a some information in a disk and he hands it to Aya. In the car, Aya looks at the information which the spy has got. Botan goes through it too and logically deduces that a certain doctor should have a higher possibility to be involved behind his sister's disappearance.

In the meantime, Omi goes through the various tapes that captured the youths being burnt (through by the miraculous finder Youji). They find a strange person appearing in every scene. Omi studies the person carefully and discovers that the person's hands contain a highly flammable substance and they decide to find clues from that line. However, now that Aya is missing from Weiß, they are worried if they would be able to execute their mission successfully.

It is raining and Aya waits outside the hospital. On seeing the doctor leave the hospital, Aya runs up and tries to thrash a confession out of him. The doctor could only provide him the little he knows, that a woman has paid him to leave that ward unlocked. Aya gets very mad at some mocking remarks of the doctor and beats him up. Botan stops him and the two have a fight in the rain. Botan slams him with the facts that he is not the only unfortunate being around; even if he wants to find his sister, there is a limit to what he alone can do. Botan's leg is injured and as he struggles to get up, he drops a picture of his daughter from his coat. Aya picks it up and Botan snatches it back. The two help each other back to the car, bickering on the way.

In the car, Botan reveals that his wife had been murdered and his daughter has been missing for three years. This is the reason why he agreed to take on such a task, as he wishes to be able to find clues regarding his daughter on the way. Weiß contacts Aya before they set off requesting him to come back. Little do they know that the ultimate mastermind behind is Schuldich.

Aya and Botan arrive at the grounds that the Omi had told them and see the people trying to escape. Botan goes after them. Before he leaves, he tells Aya that it is not only for his daughter but for everyone around him, for he does not want to see the other people around him to come to harm too. Aya's determination starts to waver.

Botan is discovered and is heavily cornered. Aya finally moves and fights with Botan. A woman (one of the mastermind) picks up the hose and sprays the highly flammable substance towards Aya. Botan shields him and is burnt instead. Weiß arrives on time and they manage to accomplish their mission.


The unruly youths being burned to death

Aya gives the doctor a thrashing

Botan's daughter Azumi

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