Mission 18 - Schuld / Farferello

In the flower shop, Ken is relatively free when a woman comes and requests for some cheap flowers as she needs a lot of them. Ken has a small talk with her and finds her very friendly. He agrees to charge her less for the flowers. Delighted, she gives him a stifling hug. Ken goes to help the woman arrange the flowers and discovers that she is a pastor in the church. She introduces herself as Luchs and is on rather good terms with Ken.

In the meantime, Crawford notices Farferello missing from Schwarz. Nagi remarks that he has gone to make fun of god. Indeed, Farferello creates trouble in a chapel and demands the priest to explain God’s existence. He puts the blame of his family’s death on God and concludes that there is no god. He finishes his statement and advances menacingly towards the priest with a jug of acid in his hand.

Ken and Omi look at the article which reports that a number of pastors and priests have been murdered. Worried for Luchs, Ken rushes to the chapel and finds Luchs sitting in front of the altar looking at the article. She mutters that this is a challenge set at god and says that she has to find Jei. Ken asks her who Jei is but she refuses to elaborate.

Weiß receive a mission and this time the target is Farferello. Weiß is stumped because they have no idea how to find him at all. While looking for information, Omi comes across an electronic message left for Jei asking where he is and telling him to meet up and get his precious tapestry which the sender has kept for him. Omi recognises the little boy in the picture to be the young Farferello and that the woman with him in the picture resembles Luchs. He quickly informs Ken who rushes over to her place. In the meantime, Farferello, who was being kept in a room as punishment is let out and he sees the message meant for him (Jei).

Ken goes to see Luchs and demands to know why she has sent such a note to Jei when she knows fully well that he is responsible for the recent spate of events. Luchs replies that this is something that she has to fulfill and tells Ken to go back. Ken obeys, but keeps a watch outside. Omi joins him. Curious, Omi implores the reason why Ken is so worried about Luchs. Ken says that she resembles his mother. Farferello shows up and the ecstatic Luchs runs up to hug him. Ken and Omi rush into the chapel in a bid to stop her. Farferello shows his true colours and knocks Luchs unconscious. Ken and Omi tries to prevent him from taking Luchs away but is not a match for Farferello (due to his numbness to pain).

Luchs awakens and Farferello blames her for telling him lies about god, for he had sincerely believed in God but God took away his whole family except he himself. Ken and Omi break in and fights with Farferello. Meantime, Aya and Youji meet Crawford outside the chapel who stops them from entering the chapel.

Ken and Omi are on the losing end. However, as Farferello is about to deliver the fatal slash into Ken, the latter is shielded by Luchs so she is stabbed instead. In an attempt to make him recall who was the real murderer behind Jei’s family’s death, she brings up her hands and shows him the scars on her hands. They were caused when he tried to kill himself for killing his parents.

Stunned at the revelation, Jei (Farferello) loosens his grip and Ken takes the opportunity to fling him away from Luchs. As he was about to kill Farferello however, a car dashes out and Schuldich pulls Farferello into the car. The car dashes out and Crawford too jumps into the car, thus escaping from Weiß.

In her dying breath, Luchs reveals the reason why she shielded Farferello so much - she is his mother.



Farferello/Jei's childhood photo (the one with blue hair)

The scars on Luchs' hand

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