Mission 20 - Recht / sabaki no ya

In an open area of a university, somebody suddenly falls in the midst of the students, dead. This is followed by a series of shooting and 4 other youths are subsequently killed. Pandemonium results. In the meantime, the killer, after finishing the bullets in his rifle, picks up a pistol and kills himself.

In the flower shop, Ken and Youji ponder the reason why Schreient has joined SZ. In the meantime, on his way home from school, a girl (Midori) runs out and asks Omi to give her a ride to the court, which the shocked Omi obeys. On their way there, Omi learns that the girl is meeting her father there, who is a policeman. When Omi sees Midori’s father however, he is mistaken to be Midori’s boyfirend and is dragged into the court together.

In the court, Omi encounters lawyer Kinukawa, who is the defending lawyer for the suspect that Midori’s father had arrested. When the victim is brought into court, he threatened the policeman that he would kill him.

Though there were sufficient evidence that the suspect is guilty, the defending lawyer, Kinukawa hypnotises the witness testifying against his client and causes the witness’ heart to stop beating. Omi is suspicious. Midori’s father is mad at the turn of the events.

Back at home, Omi checks up on Kinukawa and finds out that he had acquited many other supposedly guilty suspects. He goes up to his office and accidentally stumbles upon his information room. He sneaks into it, but is discovered by Kinukawa. The latter brings him to his private area that is large and circular and has a talk with him. He sees through Omi that he has been through many ordeals despite his young age, which shocks Omi. Kinukawa has successfully controlled Omi’s mind. It turns out that Kinukawa is also from SZ. He is about to acquit his client by stealing the evidence.

Back in the flower shop, Omi questions if what they are doing as Weiß is correct. Aya tells them that they are merely killing for the sake of the society. Youji adds that they are not people of justice and Ken also tells Omi that they do not have a choice because if they do not do it, there will be more victims around. In the meantime, the suspect that Midori’s father has caught has been pronounced not guilty due to Kinukawa’s defence. He finds Midori’s father and kills him, injuring Midori at the same time. Omi sees this and is shaken. At the same time, he sees Birman who has another mission for them – to kill Kinukawa.

Weiß steals into Kinukawa’s office where he is discussing the case with the killer (that killed Midori’s father). Aya. Ken and Youji kill his bodyguards and the killer while Kinukawa escapes to his private area. Little does he know that Omi is waiting for him and shoots him with his crossbow. Desperate, Kinukawa attempts to hypnotise him but it does not work anymore on Omi. Omi kills him.


Midori and her father


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