Mission 21 - Trane / omoi de no naka de

Youji has a dream where Asuka tries to wake him up in the morning. Just when he is about to do so, Asuka changes to Noi and tries to kill him. Youji wakes up in cold sweat, missing Asuka. In the meantime, Schreient is in an underground lab watching Masafumi. They have preserved his body in a bid to revive him. Schuldich arrives with a job for Schreient.

Weiß receives another mission. Youths are being murdered and their backbone is extracted out of them. Weiß looks on in distaste. Birman adds that the masterminds are killing and extracting the backbones of these youths for experiments. She hands them a list of research laboratories and tells them to check on it. She also tells them that the witness have provided information everytime such killings take place, four women will appear, so this should be associated with Schreient. Youji is reminded of Asuka and Noi.

Weiß sneaks into the laboratory to get information. However, Schreient discovers them. They try to prevent Weiß from getting the information they want. Youji fights with Noi and tries to make her memories as Asuka come back. Not listening, Noi attacks him and he does not retaliate. Instead, he holds her tight and tries another time to make her recall. Schreient tries to escape when Toto drives the car down. Hell attempts to knock Weiß down, but is intercepted by a shot from Omiís crossbow, and instead runs into Noi who has failed to get onto the car on time.

Youji takes Noi in and takes care of her wounds. There is a visible change in Noiís attitude towards Youji, though she is still not able to regain her memories as Asuka. Aya barges in and demands Noi to tell him his sisterís whereabouts. Youji shields her and even tells Aya to leave the matter to him.

In the morning, Ken goes into Youjiís room and finds him and Noi gone. Youji brings Noi to the places that Asuka had previously liked to go. However, her reaction is different from how Asuka would have reacted. In the meantime, Weiß has tough luck finding information about the laboratories that Birman has handed them. Aya questions the whereabouts of Youji together with Noi. Youji returns and he tells Aya that he has not asked Noi about his sisterís whereabouts. The two get into a fight over the matter. Ken voices the suspicion which everyone had been holding to Youji, "Have you ever wondered if you have been tricked?" His question earns him a punch from Youji.

Youji drives off in anger. He insists on believing that Noi is not out to trick him. Meanwhile, The rest of Weiß know that Youji will not return to Weiß since he has found Asuka Ė so it does not matter even if Noi doesnít recover regain her memory as Asuka. Youji brings Noi to the place where Asuka was shot. Noi remembers it (or pretends to) and tells Youji where Ayaís sister is.

Youji informs Weiß, who rush over there only to realise that they have fallen into Schreientís trap. Schreient jeers them for being idiots. Omi falls into their ambush and becomes injured. Noi attacks them from behind. Despite the fact that he has been betrayed by Noi, Youji attempts to awaken the Asuka within in her for the last time. Noi remains unrepentant and Youji throws the garrote and strangles her to death. Even in her dying breath, Noi pledges her love for Masafumi. Youji is shattered by her death.


Youji strangles Noi

Youji shattered by Noi's death

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