Mission 22 - Miteid / iro aseru toki

SZ wants Fujimiya Aya who is in the hands of Schreient for their ritual sacrifice because she has stopped aging after she slipped into a coma, making her different from other people. Knowing that they will not hand her over willingly, Crawford schemes to snatch her from them.

Omi tries to track down Schreient’s whereabouts with not much success. Youji has not spoken a word since Noi’s death. In the meantime, Shoen talks about why she is so indebted to Masafumi and will do anything to revive him Schreient back in their hideout. Toto remembers that Noi has been killed and runs out of the room crying, running into Schwarz who has come to visit Schreient to ask them to hand Aya’s sister over. Worried, Nagi goes after her. Nagi sees Toto crying in the garden and does something nice. He tells her to leave Schreient but she refuses. In the meantime, Schreient refuses to hand Aya’s sister over and Crawford pretends to forget the matter. He even volunteers to lure Weiß out for them.

While still trying to track down Schreient’s whereabouts, Weiß receives a message from Schreient, which they challenge Weiß by threatening to kill Aya’s sister. Aya accepts it. At night, Weiß manages to get into the laboratory grounds with some difficulty. Realising that there are hidden cameras around, Weiß decides to split up.

Youji runs into Toto and Nagi. Nagi warns her about Schwarz’s motive and tries his best to dissuade her to leave Schreient and professes his love for her. They kiss. Toto is touched and promises him that they will be together after the battle with Weiß. She runs away, Nagi running after him. Crawford appears and rebukes Nagi for acting without his orders. He reminds him how he had suffered when he was young because everyone thinks he is strange. Nagi reveals that Toto is the only person on the earth he does not want to see dead.

Aya sneaks into the laboratory and is shocked to find Masafumi’s body there. Hell appears and jeers at him. Shoen sneaks from behind and attacks him. Toto appears too. Just when they think they are going to win, however, the other members of Weiß turn up and they get into a fight. Nagi shields Toto. He tries desperately to stop her from fighting. Knowing that they are on the losing end, Shoen goes into the room where they they have hidden Aya’s sister, hoping by that they will give up. However, she is given a rude shock when she sees Schwarz carrying her away. Crawford reveals that they never had the intention to help them revive Masafumi and says that they are done with Schreient because they have nothing useful for them anymore. Schuldich breaks the compartment that they have used to preserve Masafumi's body. Hell is shattered. Toto sees Schwarz leaving with with Aya’s sister and runs up to stop them. She is fatally slashed.

On the sight of his beloved dying in front of him, Nagi goes berserk and releases all his power uncontrollably, causing the whole building to crumble. He apologises to Toto for not being able to protect her. In the meantime, the other members of Schwarz have escaped and are on their way to make preparations for the ritual.

Weiß survive and climb out of the debris. Looking at the lying Toto and Nagi, Youji remarks that Nagi's wish to save Toto was as strong as his to save Asuka. Little did they know that after they have left the place, another figure rose out of the debris – Toto.


Toto kisses Nagi

Schwarz taking Aya's sister away

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