Mission 23 - Schraube / ai ni subete o

Sakura sits in a daze by the mirror. She has grown her hair long and braids it like Aya's sister. Realising what she is doing, she snaps out of it. She tries to concentrate on her studies but her mind keeps wandering off to the particular night when she saw Aya killing someone.

Spies deployed to check on the movement of the SZ members are being killed one after another by Schwarz before they report what they have found. Sakura stands outside the flower shop, thinking of a lot of things. Schuldich sees her when he is passing by and reads her mind. Omi sees her and calls her into the flower shop. She frankly tells Omi that she had seen Aya killing Kawaji and asks him the reason. Omi tells her that Aya is having a hard time now because his sister is missing. Sakura tries in vain to make him tell more.

A depressed Sakura walks out of the flower shop, followed closely by Schuldich's car. Aya comes back and Omi tells him what he had told Sakura earlier. Aya does not have a big response. Ken and Youji return to the flower shop and the former relates what he had seen when he was delivering flowers - a group of people were setting a car on fire, creating chaos on the streets. Youji comments that there had been an increase in such incidents lately. Just then, Manx pays them a visit. Youji tries to flirt with her. Manx warns them that 12 of their spys have already been killed and Schwarz is responsible for it. She is not able to provide them with more information and warns them to be careful.

Sakura stands on a bridge in a daze. Suddenly, a voice asks if she wants to know more about Aya. She turns to see Schuldich standing next to her. He claims to be Aya's friend and tells her to follow him, claiming to know where Aya's sister is. Sakura has her doubts but follows him.

True enough, Schuldich brings her to see Aya's sister. He sees through Sakura's thoughts to tell Aya about it and stops her. Sakura is shocked when Schuldich tells her that Aya is part of a killing organisation called 'Weiß' and that he is doing that in order to raise money for his sister's medical fees. He ends by telling Sakura that she is the only one who can save Aya now. Sakura's mind is under his control.

The next day, Sakura's classmates come to the flower shop with news that Sakura has gone missing. Birman comes along with another mission - to kill the 3 elderly leaders of the SZ organisation. She provides information that SZ is a powerful and rising cult and that they are holding their grand ritual that is supposed to bring everyone to their ideal state of world.

The plane in which the 3 elderly leaders are in has landed and Weiß lie in ambush, ready to take action. Ken, Youji and Omi attack first, but are intercepted by Crawford and Farferello. At this point, Aya approaches the 3 elderly leaders. A car appears and Sakura steps out of it. She points a gun towards Aya. Ken, Youji and Omi look on in shock. Sakura advances towards Aya and tells him to drop his nihontou. Aya obeys. Sakura heaves a sigh of relief and tries to tell Aya where his sister is. However, she finds her body is being controlled by Schuldich, who instructs her to shoot Aya. Try as she might to control herself, Sakura shoots him on the shoulder. Aya is saved from the 2nd shot by Youji's garrote. Weiß proceeds to deal with Schwarz but they are stopped by the timely siren of the police car. Schwarz escape, taking Sakura with them. Weiß has failed to accomplish the mission.


Schuldich 'brainwashing' Sakura

Sakura points the gun towards Aya

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