Mission 24 - Ende des Weiß / shiroki monotachi ni…

Realising their precarious position, Weiß close down the flower shop and send the old lady away so she would not get involved. They know that they cannot hide as they have too many things to take care of.

The 3 elders are brought to SZ's secret headquarters and see the ritual grounds for the much-awaited ritual. SZ are carrying a thorough checkup on Aya (sister) with Sakura, Crawford and Schuldich watching. Crawford and Schuldich are well aware of the absurdity with the elderly leaders' thinking that a dead person can be revived and will bring them all to their ideal world.

Schuldich exposes Sakura's mind that she is thinking of ways to communicate with Aya and warns her not to try. Farferello senses the presence of spies and kills them before they can fully report what they have found to Birman, who is waiting in her car nearby. Sensing something not right, Birman drives away. However, Farferello catches up and clings on to her car. Birman has a hard time shaking him off and gets seriously injured in the process.

Sakura, being locked by Schuldich, broods over the fact that she has shot Aya, and feels that she cannot face Aya anymore. Birman's car stops outside the flower shop and an injured Birman falls in front of the shop. She informs Aya that she has found the whereabouts of his sister.

The devotees of SZ are busy evacuating from their headquarters. Schuldich goes to fetch Sakura only to find her room empty and a rope placed by the window which links to outside. He deduces that she had run away. Weiß arrive at SZ's headquarters to find that they have already evacuated. However, while searching the place in a hope to find evidence, the boys stumble upon the unconscious Aya (sister) hidden inside a closet.

Schwarz meets up with the elderly leaders of SZ. Crawford tenses up when they inquire about the girl whom they are going to use for the ritual sacrifice. Later, Sakura is beaten by Schuldich as she was the one who had hidden Aya (sister) in the cupboard and took the place of Aya (sister) instead.

Birman tries to link up with headquarters unsuccessfully. Nagi turns up and informs Aya of Crawford's wish to 'exchange' the girls and gives him the time and meeting place. Aya turns up at the appointed place without his sister anyway and sees Crawford with Sakura. Aya demands that Crawford release Sakura. Crawford coolly reveals that he has anyway successfully lured Aya out, for now the other members of Schwarz are on their way to the flower shop. Aya tries to leave but is stopped by a bunch of thugs hired by Crawford.

Ken and Youji wait in the room where Aya (sister) is supposed to be. Schuldich appears and they put up a fight. Schuldich avoids their attacks but when he lifts the covers on the bed, he finds Aya (sister) missing. He smirks as this had fell within what he had predicted. Meanwhile, Omi and Birman are waiting with the unconscious Aya (sister) in the flower shop. Little do they know that Farferello has arrived behind them.

Aya defeats the thugs and turns to see Crawford and Sakura already gone. He rushes back to the flower shop. Ken and Youji are on the losing end with Schuldich, thus allowing him to escape. Aya returns to the flower shop and finds the injured Omi and Birman sprawled on the floor, Aya (sister) abducted by Schwarz.

Weiß is getting ready to break into the ritual grounds. Birman tries in vain to stop them, as she is still unable to link up to the spies stationed there. Weiß sneak into the ritual grounds and devise the plan on which they will rescue Aya (sister). Omi is to sneak into the ammunition room and set it on fire, whilst the rest will try to rescue Aya's sister. However, in the ammunition room, Omi activates the burglar alarm by mistake and Weiß' presence is discovered.

In the middle of the ritual, the grounds catch fire (due to the explosion from the ammunition room) and the devotees flee. Weiß appears before the 3 elderly leaders. However, they are shocked when their attacks seem useless on the leaders as they seem to have an invisible shield over them. Nevertheless, after a difficult struggle, Weiß manage to catch 2 of the leaders off guard and kill them. The 3rd escapes through a secret tunnel.

Aya goes to his sister, only to find that the one lying there is Sakura, not Aya. Sakura awakes and blushes to find herself in Aya's arms. A further shock awaits her when she sees the other 3 florists next to Aya. Omi then reveals that they are Aya's companions. Aya promises to tell her everything after the whole thing ends and tells her to call him by his true name - Ran.

The 3rd leader runs into a room and finds Schwarz there. He is dealt a rude shock when he discovers that Schwarz is not on his side anymore. He is subsequently killed. Weiß turns up and put up a fight with Schwarz in order to get Aya (sister) back. Whilst they are fighting, Sakura approaches Aya and attempts to take her away. Crawford tries to stop her by shooting her but Sakura is saved by the timely shot from Manx, who happens to be the last spy in SZ. Manx and Sakura bring Aya out to safety while the building starts to crumble.

In the meantime, Weiß are fighting with Schwarz. Crawford jeers at them for looking like they want to save the world. Weiß struggle to fight back. The building gives way and sinks into the ocean, creating a cross ripple on the sea. On shore, Sakura is devastated and calls for Aya. Aya (sister), who is lying inside Manx's car with Manx, finally opens her eyes and wonders what has happened ever since she has slipped into a coma. She comes face to face with Sakura, who tells her the story about a man who has taken her name and continued living while she is asleep.

In a quiet part of the city, a bunch of thugs disturbing the peace meet the white hunters of darkness. Subsequently, they face their deserved punishment.


Sakura tortured by Schuldich

The building crumbles, taking Weiß and Schwarz along into the sea

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