Mission 3 - Paradies/Tenkoku wa Jigoku

An organisation has been abducting girls and buying them from other countries to make them work in their club, Lient. The mission for Weiß is that they kill the masterminds of this organisation. As Youji looks at the videotape, terrible memories flood his mind as he recalls a girl who was shot falling in front of him. Manx reveals that someone has to steal the schedule of these masterminds in order to sneak into Lient to execute their mission. Youji volunteers to do it.

Disguising himself as a member of the club, Youji successfully sneaks into Lient. While sneaking along the corridors, he was nearly discovered by 2 watchmen. Quick on his part, he hides in a dark room. In the dark room, he sees a young woman being tied up and gagged. She struggles to be let free. Youji frees her and learns that she had been caught for trying to run away and that was her punishment. She insists on leaving together with Youji.

The woman brings Youji into the manager's office, where Youji accesses the computer inside and saves the schedule data into a CD. The woman on the other hand meddles with the ornaments inside the office and activates the burglar's alarm by accident. Youji panics as he has not finished downloading the information. Soon enough, the watchmen rush into the office and are fended off by the woman. Youji finally finishes downloading the information that he needs and escapes with Maki. After tricking them, Youji and the woman manage to leave the building. However, the men from the building catches up with Youji's car and Youji gets shot in the process.

The woman helps Youji along the alley. Youji has a dream where he was shot on a similar accident and he was accompanied by his female detective partner, Asuka. On a certain point, he decided that he was too weak to go on and urged Asuka to leave without him. She obeys after planting a kiss on his cheek. However, as soon as she steps out of the alley, she was discovered and was shot. Being weak, Youji falls as he lets out a desperate scream for her…

Youji awakes and realises to his amazement that the woman has bandaged his wound from the cloth torn from her skirt. She introduces herself as Maki and jokingly remarks that he sews his name onto his clothes, like a schoolboy. Youji retorts that its all right as long as the person wearing them is mature. They have a chat and Maki tells him how she ended up in Lient.

In the morning, Omi receives a call from an anxious Maki attempting to tell them Youji's whereabouts so they can come and fetch him. However, before Omi understood what they meant, the men from Lient has discovered them and Youji and Maki are on the run again. After a little while, Youji, feeling weak, tells Maki to escape by herself. Maki obeys after planting a kiss on his cheek (déjà vu, huh?). When she runs out of the alley however, history repeats himself and Maki is shot by the men.

Youji returns to his home safely. Weiß has managed to get the schedule and decides to take action that very night without Youji. Youji however insists he goes. That night, Weiß successfully breaks into Lient and proceeds to find their targets. Youji finds Maki in a dark room and sheds a tear when he finds her been tortured to death.

After killing their targets, Maki's body is laid neatly on a table as Youji leaves a flower for her.


Youji and Maki on the run

Youji realising his wound bandaged

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