Mission 4 - Verrat/ uragiri no shokei

A couple was brutally shot on their wedding ceremony, together with all the guests attending the ceremony. The killers' target was a certain politician present on that event. This is plotted by Koga Genji, who is helping his teacher, Takatori Reiji by eliminating one of his rivals.

Persia has issued a new mission to Weiß. The target is Koga Genji and his secretary, Kase Koichiro. Ken gets a shock when the mission is passed. He remembers Kase to be his childhood best friend and cannot believe that he should be assigned to kill him. He asks for a delay in the execution of the mission.

Ken finds Kase and they have a good time reminiscing the past. Both of them used to be in the national soccer team but Ken was expelled after a match 2 years ago where he was found to have taken forbidden drugs during a match. Kase blames himself as he was the one who handed him the spiked drink. When they both tried to find out who is the mastermind, Ken almost gets himself killed while Kase is captured. All the while, they are followed by Aya. Kase talks about his job and Ken warns him not to get too close to Koga, hinting that he is in a very dangerous position now.

Weiß discovers that Koga Genji has escaped. Ken finds Manx and tries to persuade to take Kase out of their mission targets. Manx ignores his requests, warning him that he should not doubt Persia. Soon, Ken is attacked by some masked men. While escaping, he recognises one of them as one of those that had attacked him 2 years ago. He gets Kase out and tells him that Koga is the mastermind who ruined his career, and persuades Kase to reveal his whereabouts.

He rushes to the place, only to find that Koga had already been murdered. He is shocked to find that the man who killed Koga and behind all the scheming is none other than Kase. Kase reveals that he had fooled him all this while and shoots Ken. Ken falls.

Kase returns to the office and is shocked to see Ken standing there. He quickly pulls an act, apologising and pretending to be remorseful for his actions, at the same time signaling his men to lie in ambush. However, they are discovered by the other members of Weiß. Ken approaches Kase, and the latter grabs the chance to fire another shot at him. But Ken, wearing a protective suit, is not injured. He sheds a tear for his best friend as he raises his bugnuks and delivers a fatal slash.


Ken and Kase's reunion

Kase revealing his true colours

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