Mission 5 - Schicksal/ Karyuudo no sadame

Ken goes out on a drive, unable to get over the fact he killed his best friend. While riding along a mountain road, a fellow motorcyclist challenges him to a race, which he accepts. However, he spots a truck approaching them and shoves her to safety, his own bike colliding into the fence and he is flung out of his bike. He lands on soft grass. The fellow motorcyclist comes over to see if he's all right. She senses that his spirits are low and offers him a bottled drink, Freude. She calls herself Yuriko and gets Ken to travel together with her.

The 2 spend a good time. At night, they check into a room in a small inn by the countryside. Ken, embarrassed to be alone with a girl in a room, tries to leave but couldn't as there is a heavy downpour going on. He accepts Yuriko's offer and spends the night on the floor (she's on the bed, of course… what were u thinking of?!).

Ken did not come down for work the next day (which is strange). Youji jokes that he is having fun with women but laughs it off as he believes that Ken especially would not engage himself in such entertainment. (Yes, ironic isn't it?). Meanwhile, Ken and Yuriko spend a good time engaging themselves in sports. Yuriko finishes her drink (Freude) and laments that she has to go and buy again. She teases Ken by saying she would love to spend another night with him. He blushes in embarrassment (stupid guy).

Ken returns to work the next day in high spirits. A girl faints outside the flower shop and red rashes are seen on her body. The on-looking girls seeing that comment that this is the latest disease going on where those affected eventually die (they end up screaming and scaring themselves - stupid girls…). Ken and Yuriko spend a quiet evening. Yuriko reveals her plans to go to Australia to fulfill her dream and asks Ken to join her. Ken turns her down as he is a member of Weiß and tells her to forget him.

Weiß has a new mission. Target is the chief of a factory, Kasumo Isao and his assistant. They have used human bodies for their experiments by putting a poison in the drink, 'Freude'. If consumed in large amounts, death will result. Ken is shocked as he remembers Freude is
Yuriko's favourite drink. He rushes to Yuriko's house and stops her from drinking more. Iriko gives him an air ticket and begs him to go with her. He agrees.

Ken decides to leave Weiß after this mission. Youji, who has been following him, tries to knock sense into him by asking how many people he had killed ever since he was in Weiß. At night, Weiß sneaks into the factory and Ken kills the mastermind. He sees his blood-stained bugnuks and realises the harsh fact that he does not have the right to love and bring happiness to Yuriko.

Yuriko leaves for Australia alone.




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