Mission 6 - Fraulen/ omo kage no shoujo

A girl, unconscious, lying/floating on a swimming pool, is roused awake by the ringing of a mobile phone beside her. The caller informs her that he has removed her kidney and warns her to go to the hospital. She reaches to feel her back and is shocked to see blood on her fingers.

While walking on the streets, Aya is surprised to see a girl on the opposite side (the girl lying on the swmming pool) that looks like Aya, the girl from the hospital he visits. (yes you wonder who is she) He attempts to run over to her, and almost gets knocked down by a truck.

Weiß has accepted another mission. The target this time is Yoko Shigeto. He runs an organisation that abducts healthy young people and remove their organs for sale. A victim (the girl you see at the beginning) had called a radio station to protest. She is Tomoe Sakura, and she is the girl Aya saw on the street.

Weiß have little luck tracking down the truck which Yoko performs his operations. In the meantime, Sakura is being hounded endlessly by reporters. Aya saves her by pulling her into his car. She thanks him and smiles, reminding Aya of the girl in the hospital.

He brings her to a quiet place by the river. Sakura challenges Aya to a race as she was a good sprinter. Sakura does her best to perform her past standard, but is just unable to keep up. The crushing fact comes on her that she can never run like the past anymore. Aya reaches out his hand and consoles her, saying she is still able to walk, laugh, cry and be angry. Youji and Ken watches them from afar and Youji insists that Aya is doing it for his own interests, i.e. he is interested in that girl.

Weiß still has no luck in tracking down the truck. Omi points out that the victims who had their organs taken out once have a high risk of being kidnapped and another organ taken out a second time. Aya comes in and Youji asks him sarcastically how his date went. He was answered with a glare from Aya.

The flower shop is opened at Youji's insistence even though it is supposed to be a rest day. Aya and Omi are taken aback to find a masked person in front of the shop. She reveals herself to be Sakura. The reporters followed her and bombard Aya with questions. Aya and Youji fend them off and the flower shop is closed for the day after all.

Sakura sobs and remarks that she's better off dead. Aya gives her a scolding and a heartbroken Sakura runs out of the shop. Aya goes after her. At the same time, Yoko's men are keeping an eye on her. Aya catches up with her. She cheers up, treating Aya to ice cream. Yoko's men appear and try to take Sakura away by force. Aya attaches a tracking device onto Sakura and fights poorly with the men (on purpose). Sakura is taken away. Aya uses the tracking device to monitor the truck's whereabouts and arrives just in time before Yoko performs the surgery on Sakura. He saves Sakura, but Yoko escapes.

Ken and Youji arrive and Youji remarks that Aya has poor group spirit. Ken finds the number of the travel agency and deduces that Yoko has headed for the airport. Omi disguises himself as an air stewardess (pretty pretty!!) to the private plane that Yoko is boarding. Weiß kills Yoko on the plane.


Aya offering a helping hand

Aya saving Sakura

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