Mission 7 - Entfuhren/ Yomigaeru kioku

2 boys are escaping and are being pursued by their captors. The smaller boy trips and falls behind. He limps on and comes across his companion's body. On the next day, Omi chances upon the boy who collapses in front of him while he was jogging and brings him back.

The boy regains consciousness and thinks that Omi and Youji and Ken are his captors. They pacify him. The boy is Sakumo Shiota and Youji is surprised to learn that his father is a wealthy businessman. Omi and Youji send Shiota home. Shiota tells them that Teppei, the boy that had escaped with him has been killed, grabbing onto Omi in fear. Youji asks if it is done by a kidnapping organisation. Meanwhile, terrible memories surface in Omi's mind. At Shiota's home, Youji flirts with his mother, much to Omi's exasperation.

During work, Omi hears the news over TV about a boy Kimura Teppei being killed. Recalling what Shiota had said earlier, he rushes to his house to confirm the piece of news. Omi convinces the frightened Shiota to face his fear and provide him with clues about the place where he was held so he can save the other kids.

A man has a telephone conversation with the 3 kidnappers. He is not happy that Shiota has escaped and wants them to find him back. The kidnappers are not happy with the amount that the man is giving them and decides to kidnap Shiota and demand a huge ransom from the father before selling the kid anyway to the man.

Omi hears over the radio that the 20 children that had been abducted has been killed and their bodies discovered on Mt Fuji. Terrible memories return. He has a dream in which he returns to his childhood. It turns out he was once kidnapped also and his father refused to pay the kidnappers the ransom and out of anger, the kidnappers wanted to kill him. He later escaped and he realises that the person who had saved him was Persia. He screams for help in his dream and Aya, Ken and Youji get a shock. Persia has another mission for them regarding the kidnap case. Their targets are the 3 kidnappers. Terrible memories keep haunting Omi.

Omi goes to find Persia. Manx sees him instead. Omi questions why his parents did not want to pay the ransom and begs Manx to tell him who he is and why his parents did not want to save him. Manx consoles him, saying that these terrible memories will only bring unhappiness and hatred to him and advises that it is better to forget them.

Omi sits alone in a park when Youji rings him and informs him that Shiota has been kidnapped again. Omi rushes to his house, and confirms it. Just then, the phone rings and Shiota's father picks it up while the police tries to find out their location. The kidnappers demand 50 billion from him and Shiota's father hesitates, because his total assets do not amount that much. Omi breaks down when he thinks that they do not want to pay the ransom. Omi checks out the clues about the hideout which Shiota has provided and comes out with an area range which he tells Aya, Ken and Youji to search.

Omi reaches the hideout and comes in time to hear that Shiota's father is willing to pay the ransom after all. He saves Shiota and the other members of Weiß come in time to kill their targets.


The abducted children

Omi after rescuing Shiota

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