Mission 8 - Raubtier/ Dou koku no yoru

2 gangsters meet a beast like creature which attacks them. The police appear and shoot it to death. Meanwhile, in someone's house, a young man sits and shakes in fear. He recalls himself running away together with the beast.

In the morning, two girls walk into the flower shop and pray that they get good results in their exams. Ken remarked in a huff that they are not gods. Oka (a rich girl who likes Omi) comes in with her friend and wants Omi to get her some flowers. It's for her friend who is going to meet her boyfriend who hasn't seen her for a long time. Manx walks past and getting their cue, the florists leave the shop promptly.

The mission this time is about the beast-like being who has been killed. It turned out that the beast was originally a human whose genes have been altered, Matsuo Tadashi. Persia's words end here and Weiß has absolutely no idea how to execute it.

Oka's friend Saika goes to meet her boyfriend, which is the young man, Tetsuya. Terrible memories keep haunting him. Meanwhile, Omi accesses the data of Matsuo Tadashi. He points out that his DNA has been changed and replaced with sections of the DNA of the gorilla and some other animal, but is unable to explain why the mastermind was able to do that. And to track him down they would have no other choice but to look into all the laboratories which are involved in DNA research. The other members of Weiß leave him to investigate it alone. (what wonderful companions… and he blames Persia…)

Tetsuya is unable to concentrate or enjoy himself while with Saika. Saika asks if he is all right. He asks her strange questions, whether if his looks had changed and what would she do. Saika, not understanding why he is asking that, becomes frustrated. A man comes over to talk to her and Tetsuya, losing his senses, hurls him over to the opposite street. A shocked Saika tries to pacify him, and realises that his hands and hace have a lot more hair than before. On seeing the expression on her face, Tetsuya runs away from her. Terrible memories haunt him.

He sees himself lying on the experiment table in a laboratory. A man performs the experiment with a sinister smile. He sees that the others before him have transformed into beasts and screams desperately to be let go. He was held captive in the lab.

Takatori Reiji arrives with his 4 bodyguards (Schwarz - Crawford, Farferello, Schuldich and Nagi) and questions his son, Takatori Masafumi, who is the mastermind of the experiments. He is not happy that the 'guinea pigs' had run away but he was not informed immediately.

In the flower shop. Youji and Ken talk about their mission which is almost impossible to execute. Aya warns them. Omi enters the flower shop, tired from processing all the information but is still unable to find any clue. Oka enters and asks Omi to help her friend, Saika. Saika tells them what had happened to Tetsuya and Oka requests Omi to help her. To everyone's surprise, Aya volunteers. He later reveals that Tetsuya might be the missing key to what they need to know.

Aya goes to Tetsuya's house. As he opens his door, a huge figure springs out and attacks him. Aya sees that Tetsuya has fully transformed into a beast, but is still capable of speech and asks him information of the lab which did this to him. He refuses to answer and attempts to run away. He and Weiß put up a struggle. Aya convinces him to confess as this is to prevent more victims to end up the way he is in now. However, before he can speak, 4 women appear and kill him. Before he dies, Tetsuya utters the name of the laboratory, Kourin. Omi checks it out and finds out the mastermind is Takatori Masafumi.



Tetsuya turned into a beast

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