Mission 9 - Schreient/ sore zore no omoi

Weiß breaks into the laboratory Kourin in which Takatori Masafumi keeps his 'guinea pigs'. They meet the 4 women again. They are Schreient, and consist of Hell, Noi, Shoen and Toto. Youji remarks that it is not their style to fight with women. Hell hence called forth the remainder of their 'quinea pigs' to fight with them. Omi, Ken and Youji hesitate as they were originally humans before. Aya reminds them that they should have forgotten their emotions the minute they become 'Weiß'. After fending them off, Schreient takes them on personally, with Aya vs Hell, Youji vs Noi, Ken vs Shoen and Omi vs Toto. In the meantime, Masafumi has successfully brought the important information out of the laboratory and signals Schreient, who retreats. Youji throws his garrote in a bid to stop them from leaving and in the process, breaks Noi's mask. This reveals part of her face and Youji is shocked to see that the girl looks like Asuka.

Weiß returns to their hideout. Ken had injured himself while trying to control Shoen's whip (her weapon). After a brief discussion, they conclude that the mission has not come to an end yet and decides they have to face them again.

In the meantime, Masafumi and Schreient have returned to their mansion. Masafumi continues with his experiment on the fukujin, a medicine which will cause rapid DNA alteration but at the same time, can mutate the body to become that of an eternal living creature.

The next day, the four florists are not in the flower shop. Aya pays the girl in the hospital a visit. Ken has a heavy workout, Youji visits the café that he and Asuka used to frequent and Omi carries on research on Takatori Masafumi. He finds him strangely familiar but is not able to recall where he has seen him before. Meanwhile, Schreient carries on with their daily activities. Shoen nurses a wound on her face that has been inflicted by Ken's Bugnuks and screams when she finds the scar still there. Toto is playing in the garden. Nagi pays her a visit. Using his telekinesis, he does something nice for her.

A spy who has been watching Masafumi tries to send information back. He is caught by Schreient. But instead of killing them, Masafumi uses him as a guinea pig to taste his 'fukujin'. He turns into a gross insect-like creature and is later burnt. (TOTALLY GROSS!)

Takatori Reiji orders Schwarz (the 4 bodyguards around him) to get rid of Masafumi for him. The leader Crawford however, predicts that he will be dealt with by someone else in due time.

Fukujin has reached its final stages of experimentation. At the same time, Weiß has broken into the mansion and takes on the respective members of Schreient. Hell stays to protect Masafumi. He is soon found by Aya however and a fight breaks out. Youji fights with Noi again. He gains the upperhand and attempts to lift up her mask.

Aya gives Masafumi a fatal slash (or what he thinks is one) and is surprised that he does not die. It turns out that Masafumi has downed the Fukujin he has just finished concocting. He soon turns into a gigantic gross creature. A fire breaks out and everyone in the mansion rush over. On the way, Omi stumbles upon a half-burnt photo. All the members of Weiß are captured by Masafumi. Masafumi was about to kill Omi when something about his face makes him hesitate. He peers at Omi and utters a name 'Mamoru' and loosens his grip. Aya grabs hold of this chance to give him a fatal slash.


Schreient vs Weiß

Noi with part of her face revealed

Nagi creates a 'sakura storm' for Toto

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