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"ONEGAI! Miyuki! Can you please teach me how to make a proper Japanese meal! Oshiete kudasai! Miyuki!"

It is a week before Shouji & her birthday. Natsumi is determined to make dinner on their birthday to celebrate the special day. After spending half of her off day in the kitchen, she decided to ask the expert for help.

"Nee, Miyuki! Onegai! This time I really need your help! Ne, ne Miyuki!"

The long hair girl is vacuuming her room, when her partner dash into her room, crying & begging for help.

"Mou! Natsumi! This is your…" before she can refuse, the thought of a messy kitchen change her mind. Wearily she follows her partner into the kitchen. Upon arriving, she sees the devastating state of her beloved territory appearing before her. Upset, she turns to Natsumi,

"Natsumi, the first thing you should learn is to CLEAN UP THE KITCHEN!!"

Yelling at her roommate, she throws Natsumi a mop, signaling her to clean up the mass she had made. Willing to do anything to get Miyuki to teach her, Natsumi immediately set off on her first task.

Finally after a long, tedious cleaning session, the kitchen is restored back to its formal glory. Feeling good to see her kitchen in a nice shape, Miyuki gladly teach Natsumi how to cook up a good dinner.

Naturally thing won’t go well that fast.

"Natsumi, you should slice the carrot like that. It will look nicer that way."

"Natsumi, turn down the fire!"

"Natsumi! That’s sugar, not salt!"

"Natsumi, I told you to stir gently! See everything is spilling out with that power stirring of yours."

So, the day goes on like that. For the next few mornings, the same goes on; Natsumi will get up early to practice, by preparing breakfast and in the evenings, she will help Miyuki make dinner too. Looking at Natsumi perseverance, Miyuki can’t help it but now & then tease her about it.

"Sou, anything for dear Chief Officer Toukairin!"

Hearing that, Natsumi will give a slight protest but deep down in her heart, she knows what Miyuki said is true. She will do anything for her koibito to show that she cares & loves him a lot.

While, in Shouji’s side, he finds somewhat strange about Natsumi.

Usually, she will go to his apartment to find him whenever they didn’t get to meet. Now, it seem that he will only get to see her when he is at Bokuto Station. Demo, nowadays, he is more often than not at the headquarters. Counting, he had only seen Natsumi twice that week. Missing her, he did called her but most of the time she would just entertain him for a short while & excuse herself saying she have something important to do. Which will then leave him in wonder, what can she be busying about. Definitely, not any big cases or he would have knowledge of it.

"Hmm, don’t know whether will she be free tomorrow." Shouji thought. Tomorrow is their birthday, and he wish to be able to celebrate it alone with Natsumi.

Since today he will be station at Bokuto Station the whole day, he can ask Natsumi about that. Preoccupied with that idea, he walks out of the changing room. Suddenly, someone comes by & hold on to his hand throwing him back to reality. Taken aback, he faces that person.


"Ohayo Shouji! Why are you so shock to see me?" puzzled at Shouji’s surprise expression she questioned.

"Oh, I was just thinking about something and then you comes by…" feeling a little sheepish, he reply.

"Not happy to see me…" she utter dejectedly. Thinking maybe he is angry with her for not meeting up with him for the past few days.

"No, don’t get it wrong. Of course not! I’m very thrilled to see you!" saying that, he tightening his hold on Natsumi’s hand.

Happy, Natsumi starts to speak. Just at the same time, Shouji want to ask her about tomorrow.

"Ano, ashita…"both of them begin, then stop & smiles at that coincident. Smiling, Shouji gesture for Natsumi to speak.

"Tomorrow I’m having a day off. I know you have to work tomorrow dakara I will go to your apartment first and wait for you there."

Before she can complete, Shouji adds in.

"Then, we will spend the rest of the day together, celebrating our special day."

Smiling at the set promise, the couple hand in hand, making their way to the traffic department.

It is a bright cheerful morning & Natsumi with her big bag of grocery that she had just bought, enter Shouji’s apartment. Shouji had given her a set of his apartment’s key, so that she can come to his place freely, anytime she likes.

Settling down her baggage in the kitchen, she immediately begins to prepare their dinner. What Miyuki had taught her, she could all remember it clearly, so immediately she heads down on her task.

It is about evening when Natsumi had finished preparing dinner. Feeling satisfied with the result, she set off to refresh herself.

About half an hour later, Shouji returns home.

"Tadaima! Natsumi!" Shouji call out as he step into his apartment, with a bottle of champagne for the celebration.

As he enters the living room, he smells something nice coming from the kitchen. Curious, he put down his package & advances to the kitchen.

Just then, Natsumi emerge from his room.

"Okaeri, Shouji!" she cheerfully greeted him. Dragging Shouji to his room & commanding him to get himself ready, she prevents him from finding out her himitsu.

After his shower, Shouji reappear in the living room to find that their dinner are already laid nicely on the table and Natsumi is waiting for him to start dinner.

"That’s her himitsu!" Shouji thought. Going over, he gives her a hug.

"Souka! This is the reason why you didn’t meet up me for the past few days. All for me, that’s so sweet. Arigatou, Natsumi." Tenderly, he kisses Natsumi. Feeling glad that Shouji really loves what she had done, Natsumi feels all her hard work is worthy. Gradually, she returns his kiss affectionately.

After quite a while, Natsumi break the enchanting kiss, rather breathlessly she says,

"Nee, Shouji, the food is getting cold…"

Slowly, Shouji release Natsumi from his embrace. With that their romantic little celebration begins.

"Mmm, let me starts with the miso soup…" Shouji finally says after a glimpse on the dishes lay on the table.

Taking a sip of the soup, Shouji can feel the tiny cubes of tofu dissolve in his mouth but then, the bits of seaweed seem so startlingly crunchy. Feeling a little shock, Shouji automatically tries the other dishes.

"Ok, how about the tempura…"

Picking up one light, golden brown fried prawn, which looks so crispy outside but when tasted, the inside is yet so juicy. With an approving nod, he continues with the meat; the teriyaki beef is just right; not too cooked or under-cooked. The beef is just so tender & to his amazement as he chews, it quickly melts in his mouth. All these oishii dishes really give Shouji a big surprise; cause he knows very well Natsumi’s cooking standard. A glowing sense of achievement fills Natsumi’s heart as she witnesses all this.

"Arigatou, Miyuki!" she whispers in mind.

After clearing away the empty dishes, there is yet another surprise from Natsumi.
Shouji’s eyes open with astonishment as placing a lovely, snow-white cake on the table. Red strawberries heap themselves upon the surrounding wavy cream toppings. In the center of the cake is dark chocolate sauce, which made up the word, ‘OTANJOBI OMEDETO’.

Feeding a piece into Shouji’s mouth, she waits anxiously for his reaction. Miyuki had just taught her how to make a proper cake 3 days ago as a reward of her being so serious & determined. Fearing that the result may be bad she watch Shouji nervously, as he closed his eyes & savor the sweetness of the cake. He can sense Natsumi passion as he swallows the cake. Gazing at Natsumi, he says,

"Natsumi, koishii, thank you for such a wonderful meal. This is the best birthday meal I ever have…"

Contented, Natsumi fling herself onto Shouji, grateful that he appreciates all her hard work. Unable to gain balance on her sudden action; both of them fall onto the sofa. Remaining in that position, Shouji pulls Natsumi into his strong & warm embrace. Feeling much peace & affection, the couple just want to stay like that for the rest of the night.



Enjoying the champagne, Shouji abruptly says

"Koishii, can you please close your eyes for a while. I got a little surprise for you. Please"

Gazing into his sincere eyes, Natsumi, yielding to her beloved request, closes her eyes.

From his pocket, Shouji took out two silver rings. Gently, he slips it into her slender ring finger.

"Ok, open your eyes…" whispering that into her ears.

Slowly, Natsumi opens her eyes, glancing at the ring on her finger, Natsumi eyes widen in astonishment.

Inspecting the ring closely, Natsumi notices that the name ‘Shouji’ is engraved on the surface. Amaze, Natsumi looks at Shouji curiously, anticipating his reply.

"This is my little otanjobi present for you. It represents my love & myself... It comes in a pair; here’s the other one…I want you to put it on for me."

The other ring looks similar to hers but it is bigger in size & on it was engraved ‘Natsumi’. Slipping into his finger, he hears Shouji says,

"This ring signifies that I belongs to Natsumi…omae dake…"

Touch, tears trickle down her cheeks. She snuggles even closer into his embrace. Then, Shouji tilting her chin up, caressing away her tears, Shouji lowers his lip onto Natsumi’s, kissing her deeply, then intensely. Holding her even more tightly onto him, Natsumi whispers,

"Arigatou, Shouji…"

In the enormous dark blue-sky immensely fills with bright, shining stars, like an ocean of blessings, the couple spends their special night in a heavenly bliss.


Author's word: PHEWW!! Finally finished this fic…spend a long time due to lack of idea in the last part. Hereby I really need to give credit to my DEAREST IMOTO-SAN, GENE WEIß for her ideas for that last part. ARIGATOU YO!! Minna-san o-tanoshiiyo!

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