Disclaimers: Characters & places mentioned in this fanfiction are taken from Taiho
                   Shichauzo(You’re Under Arrest), which belongs to its related company.
                  “Winter Wish” is an insert song from Love Hina Christmas Special.
                 Transliteration & translation of this song is taken from www.animelyrics.com
Warning: A romance cum song fic.
Winter Wish
“Nee, Shouji. Will you be coming back to Tokyo these few days? 
Nan demo nai, I am just asking
Hoping you can be by my side this Christmas, my winter wish
Um, really nothing, I was just mumbling to myself.
It is getting pretty late, didn’t you tell me that you would be having an early training program tomorrow. 
Mmm, let’s end here for tonight; call me again if you are free tomorrow. Mmm, Oyasumi & sweet dreams.”
chiisana shiawase o  daiji ni atatameteta
nee, omou to mune no oku  konna ni itaku naru no
      how such small happiness is warming our important moment
      hey, inside this heart and mind, I began to feel such kind of feeling
Putting down the cordless phone on her bedside table, Natsumi rested, prone on her bed, staring at the photo beside her bed. 
As her finger trace the outline of her boyfriend’s image, she chided him,
“Baka! You just don’t understand, do you?”
anata no me  anata no koe  subete itoshikute...
      your eyes, your voice, all of them I cared the most
She must be feeling very upset now. I am hurting her again. Sleepless night for her again. 
Shouji thought silently, as he lay down on his bed in his room at his home in Touyama, located at the other side of Japan. 
Christmas… Yes Christmas is approaching fast. 
During this festival most people would want to spend this day with their loved ones. 
Natsumi, too is a normal girl who desire to be with her love in this special season.
“Dou’su. That’s her wish. Her only winter wish….” 
Shouji murmured into the dark, slowly drifting off into his dream world, where he sees his beloved, staying by his side.
konayuki ga hoho ni maiori  namida ni kawatta
itsu made mo soba ni ite  kono te o hanasanai de
fuyu no sora  kirameku hoshi wa futari o tsutsunda
shiroi kata  shiroi iki  anata to kanjiteru WINTER WISH
      falling snow pieces that rolling on my cheek are changing my tears
      forever be by my side, don't let go of these hands
      upon the winter sky, the twinkling stars is surrounding both of us
      white shoulders, white breath, feeling you deeply as my winter wish
“Samui!! It had been very cold for the past few days. 
Weather nowadays, is getting very strange. I guess this coming Christmas should be a white one.”
Miyuki commented, as she walks into Bokuto Station, starting work for the day. 
At her sides are her partner Natsumi & another good friend of theirs, Nikaido Yoriko.
“Spending time together, walking hand in hand along the street in the eve of Christmas, Snowflake falling on us. 
Oooo, so romantic…I wish I had a boyfriend to spend Christmas with. 
Nee, Natsumi, is Toukairin coming back to spend Christmas with you?”
Yoriko, innocently asked, pretty oblivious of her colleague’s mood.
“Oh, no I guess. He’s pretty busy recently, training…” with that Natsumi withdraw herself into deep thoughts. 
This reaction shocked the girls as they stared at her full of concern. 
Sensing her friends’ watching her puzzled, Natsumi forced a smile, replying
” Nan demo nai. I’m just thinking about something that suddenly appear in my mind.”
With that she walk straight towards the changing room, leaving her friends staring after her strange behavior.
yorisoi aruita  umizoi no yuuenchi
nee, kanransha ni notte  hikari no machi miyou yo
      walking closer together on an ocean-side park
      hey, watching a far from train that we rode, let's watch the lights of city
Throughout the day, Natsumi seems to be in a daze;
Working through her report without much focus & even when patrolling, her attention is not there.
 Miyuki, Nakajima, Aoi, Yoriko & even Kachou take noticed of that & are all very worried about her.
“Kae-chan, tomorrow is Christmas eve, so where are you two planning to go?”
Natsumi heard from the other side of the office, the conversation between two of her colleagues.
“I’m not too sure yet, he didn’t tell me that. Hee, he told me that’s his surprise for me. 
I am so excited. Wish that tomorrow will come faster.”
Giggling the 2 girls return back to finish their work.
Natsumi, hearing that, her depression surfaces again. 
Feeling suffocated, she walked out of her seat, away from her work. 
She keeps on walking till she reached the comfortable yet cold rooftop. 
Mmm, maybe the cool air can help soothe the pain in my heart. 
Supporting herself against the cool metal railings, thoughts just keep flowing into her mind. 
All she wanted was to be with him, her love. 
Maybe just only for a day, she would be happy. 
After all, until now she had been putting up with great desire to be by his side, to see him, her Shouji 
Aitai…anta ni aitaiyo….
tooku naru umi to awai kiss ga setsunakute...
      far away from the ocean, and the scent of a kiss honestly given
Back in the office, Miyuki, for the second time in the day, gazed at the disheartened shadow of her roommate. 
Seeing her partner in a depress mode, is a rare sight to Miyuki.
She always loves the genki, happy friend that she had known. 
“Miyuki, do you think we should go & cheer Natsumi up?” The worried Yoriko asked. 
Thinking about that too, she shakes her head, saying “ No, Yoriko, I think she needs to be alone for a while.”
Yes, she needed time to sort out her own feelings.
“Nee, Miyuki. Are you going out tomorrow? It’s Christmas Eve. Did Nakajima ask you out?”
 Natsumi suddenly speak up on the way home in Miyuki’s blue convertible.
“Eerrr….e to…Nakajima-kun…..” Miyuki blushed furiously at the unexpected question. 
“Souyo. Finally, Ken-chan had the courage to ask you out. 
That’s good. I was thinking of asking you also to prepare my dinner for tomorrow, but if you are not going anywhere. 
Now, then, I guess not.” 
She stopped, with that she sinks into silence again.
Throughout the rest of the journey, neither one of them speak again.
Christmas Eve. 
A day of peace & warmth. Outside the snow is starting to fall, just as predicted.
6p.m. Lying on her bed, Natsumi pick up the cordless phone & started dialing the familiar number that she is so used to. 
In her heart, she just wanted to hear his voice. 
Even she will not get to see him today, she just wanted to hear his voice. 
Yes, able to hear his gentle words, I will be satisfied. 
The phone finally gets through after what it seems like ages.
“ Toukairin here. Sorry. I am not at home at the moment. Please leave your message after the ‘beep’ sound.” 
The sound of the answering machine pierces through her heart as she disconnects the line & throws the phone onto her bed. 
Just this little wish I will not be getting too?! Kami-sama you’re so cruel.
 With that she glance listlessly at the nicely wrapped gift on the little table beside her bed. 
Can only give this to you till the next time we meet
Sadness creeps into her heart as she covers her face with her pillow. 
What a lousy Christmas!
hajimari wa konayuki no IVU  chiisana SUTORI
dare yori mo aishiteru  kono te o hanasanai de
arukidasu futari no mirai  naranda ashiato
nukumori mo yasashisa mo  anata to dakishimeru WINTER WISH
      the beginning of a little story on the eve's falling snow
      the true self I've fallen in love with, don't let go of these hands
      walking our future together in each footsteps
      how warm, how gentle, hugging you deeply as my winter wish
“Dingdong!” She heard the bell from the door. Feeling strange, she takes a peek at her alarm clock.
“Mmm, 6.30pm. Miyuki can’t possibly be home that fast. She just went out not long before.”
Confused, she goes out of her room & down to check who is at the door.
Looking through the peephole, all she can make out is a bunch of flowers.
Opening the door, her wish, her simple little wish in this snow-filled Christmas is fulfill 
as the person whom she missed most is now standing in front of her, smiling at her.
“Merry Christmas! Natsumi.” Shouji said as he handed her a bouquet of colourful sunflower. 
Tear welled up in her eyes as she threw herself onto his embrace, 
which she firmly believed would keep her safe & warm in this white Christmas.
“Nee, Shouji. Doushite?! Why are you here? I thought you’re busy in Touyama.” 
Natsumi asked softly, still in his arm but now both of them are in the living room, on the sofa, 
the bunch of flowers he had gave her, lie vibrantly just next to her.
“I have decided to get a few day off to come here. 
It’s Christmas, I am not that heartless to leave my Natsumi alone in Tokyo celebrating Christmas alone.
You know just the thought of that will break my heart. Want you to be by my side.” 
He replied lovingly as his hands lifted up to her face, cupping her cheek. 
His dark-coloured eyes looking deeply into hers, his fingers caressing her face, & slowly, their lips meet.
After a long while, they separated. Breathlessly, Shouji whisper into Natsumi’s ear “ So now, should we get going.”
Natsumi look surprisingly at her boyfriend, not processing what he had just said.
“I mean get change, we are going for a dinner celebration & there’re still many programs after that.
So hayaku!” Shouji respond to her confusion, grinning.
“Hai! Chotto Matte ne” Smiling radiantly, Natsumi dash to her room, getting ready for the wonderful surprise ahead.  
For her now, she is the happiest person in the world, for he is with her, this Christmas.
Glad that in this cold season, there is someone she loves by her side, providing her warmth. 
That’s my Wish...My Winter Wish….
konayuki ga hoho ni maiori  namida ni kawatta
itsu made mo soba ni ite  kono te o hanasanai de
fuyu no sora  kirameku hoshi wa futari o tsutsunda
shiroi kata  shiroi iki  anata to kanjiteru WINTER WISH
      falling snow pieces that rolling on my cheek are changing my tears
      forever be by my side, don't let go of these hands
      upon the winter sky, the twinkling stars is surrounding both of us
      white shoulders, white breath, with you, the winter wish that I felt


Author’s Comment:
Yaa! Minna-san, hope that you all have enjoys my fic.  
Gomen ne! mata Shouji+Natsumi short fic & yup a Christmas fic! I think it’s getting a habit to write a fic when it’s 
Christmas Season, heee…. 
Demo this time round a little different, as this is a songfic. 
The song is one of my favourite songs from Love Hina Special. 
Reason I used it is because I loved this song & this song sounds romantic (to me….), with sweet melody. 
Plus, it never fails to stir emotions in my heart, heeee…
Anyway, any Comments or Flames are welcome! ^_^
Meanings of some Japanese Words Used:
Nan demo nai – Nothing
Oyasumi – Good Night
Baka – Stupid
Dou’su – How (in Shouji’s speech pattern…^_^)
Samui – Cold (talking about the weather)
Aitai – Want to meet
Anta ni aitai – want to meet you
Genki – Cheerful
Kami-sama – God
Doushite – Why
Hayaku- Quick
Hai – Yes
Chotto matte – Wait for a while
Owari – The end
Minna-san – Everyone
Gomen – Sorry
Mata – Again
Demo - But

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