What is Cosplay? 

Cosplay (costume play) originated in Japan as one of the events used in animation/game conventions. Though influences from websites and Japanese magazines, cosplay has now become an individual event in many western countries like USA & Canada as well in Asian countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

During Cosplay, cosplayers dress up as their favourite animation characters (including J-rockers) ranging from simple outfits to complex ones and even to the extent of dressing up as robots like Gundams!  In major events, there would be booths selling or promoting artworks, manga (Japanese word for comics) and a display area for original manga drawings... etc etc.  


Why do people join Cosplay?

For fun, laughter, peace and joy, of course! Some people take it cosplay as a hobby or time for relaxation and to make new friends. While you mixed around with cosplayers, you can learn a thing or two about costume or accessories making from the more experienced cosplayers.  In a way, cosplay is an activity that enables people to express their artistic talent in them. So, don't be shy! Take part in the next cosplay and discover the artist in you! 


How often do people participate in Cosplays?

Most of the time, Cosplays are often held during the holidays (since a majority of them are students and getting good grades / passing exams should be the number one priority for every student [^_^]). Occasionally, there would be small outings like photo shooting or mini parties for cosplayers to catch up with each other.     


How long do these Cosplays last?

Cosplay events usually last for the entire day and or a few days (depending how big or grand is the event). Yet, some cosplayers would leave the venue and walk around the shopping malls in small groups. Mmm... you can imagine the wide-eyed stares from the passers-bys. Every now and then, we often received encouraging compliments from them. And sometimes, photo snaps by the tourists themselves...


Are there any Cosplays Clubs?

Yes, there are a couple of them around the world though cosplay hasn't reached the height of its popularity yet.. In Asian countries like Singapore, there are already 2 clubs - Miyuki Animation Club at Fengshan Community Club and the newly founded Cosplay Club (Singapore). Their aim is to introduce Cosplays to the local Singaporeans and foreigners as much as possible. And who knows? They may be able to compete against cosplayers from other parts of the world. (Maybe, there will be an international cosplay event in the future!!!) 

Is there any age limit in participating Cosplays?

DEFINITELY NOT!  Not necessary. Cosplays are meant for people regardless of age. Furthermore, certain Japanese animations are meant to be catered to mature audiences (people above 18 yrs of age). 

Are Cosplays meant for people who knows Jap Animations?

Originally, cosplayers based their costumes on Japanese animations, games or mangas. The scope of cosplay has already broaden to J-rockers and original costumes. (If long as you don't dress up as Pokemon, you will be fine.)



If you have any other questions on Cosplays, please feel free to email us about them or write it down in our guest book.


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