Episode 10 - Sakabatou Broken; Soujiro "The Heavenly Sword" versus Kenshin


Shishio uses Senkaku to study Kenshin's fighing techniques. By using the self-destruct technique, Kenshin successfully causes Senkaku to injure himself. However, Shishio threatens Senkaku that if he doesn't force Kenshin to reveal some of his Hiten Mitsurugu techniques, he will die a slow and painful death. Kenshin uses Ryotsusen on Senkaku. Then, he points his sword at Shishio.

Misao and Eiji are astounded by what Kenshin has just done. Misao thinks that it would be better if they stay here. Saitou overhears them and opens the door, causing them to tumble in. It would be an even better idea that they show themselves. Kenshin is displeased with Misao. His attention is turned back on Shishio who reviews the fight. Kenshin has used the blunt edge of his Sakabatou (Reverse-edge sword). If he has used the sharp edge, Senkaku would have been killed. He finds it hard to believe that the rumours about Hitokiri Battousai no longer kills is actually true. He clicks his fingers and Ayumi removes the screen behind him, revealing a hidden underground staircase. Shishio lost his interest in fighting Kenshin and tosses Soujirou his sword. He orders him to deal with Kenshin.

Kenshin notices that Soujirou is a different opponent from those he had fought with before. He senses no emotion from him. Soujirou's expressionless face is like the Shinsen-gumi. Their expressionless face gives nothing away to their opponents. Thus, preventing them from anticipate their next move. Misao yells at him to hurry up. Kenshin stares at him, Misao slumps to the ground. Saitou tells her to be quiet because this match will determine the survivor. Their plan to assassinate Shishio has failed because of Soujirou. Meanwhile, Shishio and Ayumi are discussing about whether Soujirou or Kenshin will die. Shishio is confident that Soujirou will win because he lacks human emotions unlike Kenshin. Both men have equal strength but Soujirou's speed will be the advantage. Kenshin switches his position to battoujitsu; Soujirou did likewise. Saitou thinks that Kenshin is taking the risk of making the first move. Both swordsman draw. A piece of a sword falls to the ground. Kenshin is stunned at the sight of his broken Sakabatou.

Soujirou thinks that he is the winner but Saitou tells him to look at his sword - there are cracks all over it. Darn! Soujirou remains calm and decides that the match is a tied. Seems like they will have to settle their score later. He will be waiting for Kenshin. Silently, Kenshin puts back his sakabatou back into the scabbard. Misao is upset that Kenshin's favourite possession is broken. Kenshin smiles. Well, at least, they have driven Shishio out of the Shingetsu village. The skeptical Saitou glances at the broken blade on the floor.

Eiji towers over the unconscious Senkaku. Revenge raged within him. He lifts Enchiro's sword, wanting to chop Senkaku's head off. Saitou stops him and flings him aside. He will not allow Eiji to destroy valuable information. Anyway, he will die right after they torture every single detail out of him. Wouldn't it be better that way rather letting him die a quick death? Misao reluctantly agrees with him.

The hatred-filled Eiji insists to have his revenge but Kenshin stops him. Eichiro has died for him with this sword. If Eiji uses it to kill Senkaku, won't it Enchiro's sacrifice be in vain? He mustn't be like Shishio who feeds on oppressed people. He mustn't give in to hatred. Eiji recalls Enchiro's last moments with him, and then he sheds tears.

Soujirou reports to Shishio about the fight. Shishio is surprised that a reverse edge sword can cause such damages to his sword, which was crafted by one of the greatest sword maker in Japan. He orders Soujirou to assemble the Juppongatana.

From the cliff, Kenshin sees the Shingetsu village springing back to life. Misao points out that if Kenshin wasn't there, the village will still remain like that. Saitou tells the naïve Misao that people will do anything to survive when they are oppressed. Misao snaps at him. Eiji decides to leave the village even though he has forgiven them. What can they do about Eiji?

Saitou volunteers to bring Eiji to his wife. HIS WIFE????? Kenshin & Misao whisper to themselves that his wife must be a saint to endure his character. Feeling slightly embarrassed; Saitou clears his throat and tell Kenshin that he hopes that Kenshin will get himself a real sword when he returns.

After biding Eiji farewell, Misao tries to cheer Kenshin up by making funny looks. Kenshin quietly tells her that they should get going. He gets a thrashing from her. Kenshin reflects on whether is he destined to become Hitokiri Battousai.