Episode 11 - Sanosuke meets Anji, the Hakai-priest


On a beach, Misao bugs Kenshin on the topic whether he has friends or family who are worried about him. Kenshin replies that he has. Deep down, he wonders on what they might be doing.

Sanosuke is totally lost in the forest and feels that there is something familiar about the surroundings. He thinks about Kaoru & Yahiko (they should be arriving at Kyoto), Kenshin (He's probably there by now) and Saitou (I BET that he's there too). He takes out his last remains of his food and prepares to eat when he hears a loud thundering sound. He investigates.

At another part of the forest, Sanosuke sees a priest chanting. He lifts a sword and stabs it to the ground, the surrounding stone statues crumble to dust. The excited Sanosuke introduces himself to the priest whose name is Anji. While they are having a meal of BBQ frogs and sake, Sanosuke finds out that Anji is depraved monk. A depraved monk is someone who disobeys the rules of a Buddhist monk, especially when it comes to eating meat and drinking alcoholic drinks. Anji has already given up his faith. Religion is made to blind people from the truth of the corruptive world that they live in. He vows to cleanse the world from it. He asks Sanosuke if he knows about the anti-buddhist movement in Japan 10 years ago which Sanosuke have no ideas about it.

Sanosuke pleads with Anji to teach that technique - Futae no Kiwami. He desires to become stronger. There have been many men like Sanosuke but all have died during the training. So, how does Sansuke feel about the Meiji Government? He replies that he hates them because they have caused the deaths of his captain, Sagara and his fellow comrades. But does it matter? Anji dismisses the discussion and proceeds to teach him. Every object has a resistant barrier protecting it. The first step is to hold the fist vertically and break the resistant barrier. Then with a swift blow, destroy the object before the resistant barrier returns. He demonstrates it with a stone, which disintegrates into dust. Anji tosses a rock to Sanosuke who was unsuccessful. Anji explains that the movement has to be like lightening, it would take a month to master the first step before he can become a master in 10 years. Now that Sanosuke has learnt the theory, he has to master it or else he dies!

Sanosuke knows that he doesn't have enough time and boastfully claims that he will master it in 1 week. Easier said than done. The next few days, the results are just big pieces of broken rocks and bleeding fists while Anji medicates. On the ship's deck, Yahiko practices the Kamiya fighting style. Kaoru challenges him. The other foreign passengers mistook them as actors.

On the night of the last day, Sanosuke is totally drained. Warily, he sees a ghostly image of Sagara. He freaks out. Sagara tells him to stop trying and rest. If he ask forgiveness from the monk, he will be spared. Sanosuke refuses. He has to master it to help a dearest friend. After the Sagara army has been betrayed and beheaded by the Meiji Government, he has spent 10 years living in hatred. Kenshin has pulled him out of this darkness. Now, he is facing his greatest battle of all, and if he dies, Sanosuke will never forgive himself. He walks past Sagara.

The burning candle blows out. Anji looks up.

In the morning, Anji finds Sanosuke lying very still on a rock. Thinking that he has died from exhaustion, Anji proceeds to pray. Sanosuke wakes up and displays the Futae no Kiwami. He's got it all right!

Before they depart, Anji shows the 2 routes - one to Kyoto and the another to Shimosawa. Shimosawa! Sanosuke burst into laughter. Shimosawa is where the Sagara Army was murdered. He tells Anji to take no notice of him.

After Sanosuke has left, Soujirou appears and orders Anji to go to Kyoto where Shishio is waiting for the gathering of the Juppongatana. The ship is arriving to Kyoto the next day, Kaoru and Yahiko are looking forward. On the road, Misao is getting excited. Kenshin reflects on his return to Kyoto.