Episode 13 - The battle with Juppongatana - Katanagari Cho


Kenshin is willing to let Cho have the Arai Shakku's sword as long as he let Iori go. Cho is very keen on fighting with Kenshin since he may be in trouble if Shishio finds out that he has let him slip away with his grasp. He flings Iori onto a tree branch and strikes. Kenshin easily evades him and hits him hard on the back.

Cho then combines 2 swords into one - Renbato. The victim will definitely die of the severe wounds. Once again, Kenshin professionally destroys the Renbato and gives him another whack. Cho is totally pissed off and removes his cloak. At the same time, Misao, Okina, Arai Seikuu and his wife runs towards the shrine where they see the 2 fighters. Arai Seikuu sees Cho's waist is bandaged with metal. He cries out to Kenshin to be careful. The sword that is wrapped around Cho is Hakujin no tachi, another invention of Arai Shakku. This sword is so flexible that there is no known defence for it. Cho uses it on Kenshin who barely leaps away. Arai Seikuu starts to moan like a wimp. Misao nearly gives him a knuckle sandwich but Okina stops her. They have to work together to help Kenshin.

Kenshin receives some injuries but promises to protect Iori. His words awaken Seikuu. He runs towards the shrine. Cho's Hakujin no tachi hot on his heels. Kenshin blocks it and gives Cho an elbow sandwich. Arai Seikuu finds it ironic that he is giving a weapon of destruction to a man that will use it for peace. He tosses it to Kenshin. Misao cheers but wonders why is Kenshin keeping very still. Okina explains that a master swordsman will never rush at a battle. Besides, Kenshin has no intention to use it. Why? If he does, he will return to Hitokiri Battousai.

Cho become very impatient and provokes him by setting his attention on Iori. Kenshin releases his anger and sets off. Cho becomes frightened at Kenshin's sudden rage and the demon look on his face. Kenshin strikes.

The atmosphere becomes very tense as everybody gathered around the 2 fighters. Is Cho dead? What will Kenshin do now? Arai Seikuu yells at Kenshin to look his sword. It's a Sakabatou!!! That means that Cho is still alive. The wooden handle crumbles off, revealing the metal hilt, which has some engravings on it. Arai Seikuu reads it. These are the last words of Arai Shakku, who regrets creating weapons of bloodshed that he thought that they would bring a new era to Japan. This last sword is made for peace. Kenshin remembers his last meeting with Shakku who gave him a Sakabatou. Someday, people will realise bloodshed is not the answer for a new era. If Kenshin needs a new Sakabatou, Arai Shakku will be happy to give him. Arai Seikuu decides to give his father's last sword to Kenshin. He accepts.

The next day, Kaoru and Yahiko are having no luck in finding Kenshin. Among the busy crowd, they spot Aoishi Shinomori. They both try to tail him. Meanwhile, Kenshin sets off to find Hiko Seijirou. Misao is displeased that Kenshin is intending to leave without saying goodbye to anyone. She follows after him. Like a soap opera, Kaoru and Yahiko runs past Kenshin so did Misao and Aoishi. Misao and Yahiko crashes into each other. Misao yells out Kenshin's name.

Instantly, Kaoru asks Misao if they know Kenshin Himura. Fresh hope shines in her eyes. Misao wonders if this is the friend that Kenshin was talking about.

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Katanagari Cho

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