Episode 14 - The Hidden Technique of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu! Reunion with Master Hiko Seijuro!


Kaoru learns that she has missed Kenshin a few minutes ago. Okina sees her disappointed look and comments that he knew that something like that would happen. Misao questions her on why does she want to see Kenshin so much. Does she know that Kenshin has to concrete on his training? Does she know that she will be a distraction? Kaoru replies that she just wants to see him again. Misao understands her feelings. She too will do anything and will go anywhere to see Aoishi once more. She agrees to bring them to where Hiko Seijirou is living.

Kenshin arrives at a place where he sees a man wearing a long cloak, sitting at a fireplace. He strikes. The man jumps away and lands behind him. He certainly has bad manners to attack a clay pot maker. Hiko Seijirou is no clay pot maker. Kenshin turns and greets him as "Sho" (another word for sensei). Hiko Seijirou is slightly taken back that Kenshin has returned.

At Aoiya, Okina is informed that somebody wishes to see him. He rejects because he is 'busy'. But he energized up at the word, 'woman'. He skips to the entrance. His eyes widen at the sight of a little girl. She passes him a letter. Okina turns it around and sees Aoishi's name at the bottom. At a store, Aoishi and Okina meet each other (It's really amazing that people can talk to each other with their backs turned). Okina knows that Aoishi want to find Kenshin. Where is he? Okina tells Aoishi that he must get rid of his obsession to become the strongest. He also warns him that if he goes out of control, he will kill him. Aoishi walks away and bumps into Seta Soujirou (who has brought some members of the Juppongatana). Soujirou convinces him to follow them to Shishio's fortress where he will get information on Kenshin's location.

Kenshin tries to divert the conversation but Hiko sets him back onto the main topic. What does Kenshin really want? Kenshin kneels and asks him to teach him the hidden technique of the Hiten Mitsurugi. The answer is no. Kenshin hangs onto his cloak. Hiko Seijirou senses that Kenshin needs the technique desperately. Along a pathway, Misao and Yahiko chats about Hiko Seijirou, who is supposed to be Kenshin's sensei. Kaoru finds the time dragging with each step closer to Kenshin.

After listening to Kenshin about Shishio, Hiko Seijirou reminds Kenshin of what he had taught him. A sword is a weapon of murder. Learning to use a sword is learning to kill. Back then, Kenshin disobeyed him by leaving when his training is incomplete. Does he remember back then, when he said that he wants to help the helpless and that he will never become a murderer? Look at what happen after he had left him. He has become Hitokiri Battousai. He has a wound in his heart and face that will never go away. He is now torn between killing and not killing. The reason that Shishio is threat because Kenshin himself has created him.

Misao, Yahiko and Kaoru arrive at the Hiko Seijirou's place. They overhear Hiko Seijirou telling Kenshin to leave (including the word, 'baka deshi' - stupid pupil). Misao and Yahiko kick down the door. Kenshin is stunned to see Kaoru. After learning that these unexpectedly guests are Kenshin's friends, Hiko sends Kenshin to fetch some water. Kenshin unwillingly obeys and walks past Koaru. Misao and Yahiko yell her for doing nothing. Then, they focus on Hiko. How old is he anyway? 43yrs old, why?

WHAT? HE IS A MASTER AT THAT AGE!! Not surprising since Kenshin is 29 years old. 29???? Hiko Seijirou is amused at their interest in his baka deshi. WHAT DOES HE KNOW ABOUT KENSHIN? Precisely, Hiko wants to know what Kenshin has been doing for the last 10 years. He wants to hear not from him but from them.

Kenshin returns with a bucket of water. Hiko Seijirou approves of him being a ronin and using the Hiten Mitsurugi to help people. Is he doing that to atone for his sins? Maybe, but Kenshin will still continues to help no matter what. Hiko agrees to teach him the hidden technique. They leave for the training ground. Kaoru hopes that she didn't make Kenshin angry.

Back to Shishio's fortress, Shishio is pleased with Soujirou and set his eyes on Aoishi Shinomori. Is he going to join them?

At an edge of a cliff, near a waterfall, Hiko Seijirou explains that the Hiten Mitsurugi makes a person invincible because of the god-like speed that it gives. However, it does not mean that he couldn't take precaution. Kenshin is neither a god nor a savior of Japan.

On the way back, Yahiko, Misao and Kaoru wishes the best for Kenshin. Yahiko remembers that he has forgotten to tell Kenshin about Aoishi. It catches Misao's attention. Aoishi-sama? Sama?? Yahiko stands protectively in front of Kaoru. Who is she? Is she sent by Aoishi to kill Kenshin after the deaths of the Oniwabanshuu at Kanryu's mansion? What is going on? Misao questions. What has happened to Aoishi and the others?

Kaoru is willing to tell Misao (since she has helped them find Kenshin) but warns her that it will be a painful story.


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Aoishi with Okina

Kenshin with Hiko

The amused Hiko