Episode 15 - Alliance between Shishio and Aoshi


Misao is told by Kaoru and Yahiko about the massacre of the Oniwabanshi at Kanryu's mansion and Aoishi's obsession in killing Kenshin. At the fortress, Aoishi makes it clear to Shishio that he has no intention in joining them. He wants Kenshin. Shishio calmly agrees. Hoji informs that Okina, who runs a restaurant named Aoiya, will definitely know where Kenshin is. Soujirou adds in by asking on how should they deal with him. Shishio 'asks' Aoishi on whether he would mind if they were to attack them. Aoishi doesn't care. Hoji ponders whether Aoishi is reliable since he has already betrayed Okina but Shishio has already had plans for Aoishi.

Hiko Seijirou gives Kenshin a gruelling time. He has some bad habits that need to get rid off. Kenshin is anticipating too much. It doesn't mean if your opponent uses a sword, he can't use the rest of his body. Hiko Seijirou sees the fierceness in Kenshin's eyes. He still has the same determination when he was a child. Hiko Seijirou yells at Kenshin to get up and moves on to polish Kenshin on the previous techniques that he had mastered.

Late at night, Hoji sends an attack team named Fukuro to Aoiya. They were no match for Okina, who learns about the alliance between Aoishi and Shishio. In the morning, Aoishi mocks Hoji for underestimating the Oniwabanshi and Okina. A surviving member return with a message pasted on his back. The message is from Okina.

Aoishi arrives at a house surrounded by a bamboo forest. He recalls that day that he has left Misao in Okina's care. Okina dressed in his Oniwabanshi suit is waiting for him inside. Misao returns to Aoiya and learns about the duel between the 2 men. She runs off, in hopes that either one of them will end up dead. Either way, she is still the loser. Okina is disgusted with Aoishi for losing his code of honour and joining a scum like Shishio. They fight. Okina with his tong fa against Aoishi and his twin swords. Eventually, Aoishi proves to be stronger of the two. He gives Okina one last chance, where is Kenshin? Okina refuses to tell him.

Misao opens the door, relived that she has arrived in time. To her horror, blood spurts out from Okina. Aoishi believes that he is dead and leaves. Misao calls out to him. Why did he do it? Aoishi coldly tells her that he will be waiting for Kenshin at Shishio's fortress.

At the same time, Shishio has a little discussion with Hoji. What does he believe in? Hoji replies that he doesn't believe in anything. Shishio believes that there is hell, using Aoishi, Kenshin and Okina as examples. He too experiences hell when the Meiji government tried to burn him to death. There is hell and hell is already existing here. He takes off one of his gloves and touches Hoji on the forehead, terrifying him with the heat. Shishio explains that his sweat glands had been destroyed and he has to endure the heat burning within him. However, this heat has help clear his thoughts. Hoji is shaking uncontrollably. Did he scare him? No, Hoji is excited that he has the opportunity to serve a great man like Shishio.

At Aoiya, Misao is tending to the unconscious Okina, who has somehow survived. She then reads a letter that was written by Okina. He wishes Misao to leave the Oniwabanshi and lead a normal life and let Kenshin do the rest. Misao refuses the people whom she has considered them as family. She unofficially declares herself as the leader of the Oniwabanshi. (Wide-eyed stares)


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Kenshin undergoes his training