Episode 19 - The burning of the Rengoku


Kenshin, Saitou and Sanosuke are speechless at sight of the metal ship, Rengoku. Shishio takes out a telescope and sees Kenshin, Saitou and who's the other one? A small fry, nothing to be concerned of. Saitou analyses the plan, he and Kenshin would swim over and attack the ship by different directions. Sanosuke? He can sleep over there. Sanosuke protests loudly. Kenshin explains that while he and Saitou distract them, Sanosuke can come over and use the grenades.

Shishio orders the cannon to fire. The trio leaps away. Sanosuke grumbles about how he is going to get to the ship with the grenades dry. He sees the floating pieces of wood. Bingo! Sanosuke literally runs across the water. Kenshin and Saitou are already on board. Shishio orders Hoji to get the ratting gun ready since the real attack is coming. Kenshin yells a warning to Sanosuke. The ratting gun fires. Using the Futae no Kiwami, Sanosuke creates a water wall to shield himself from the flying bullets, shocking Hoji and Shishio. Sanosuke throws the grenades.

An explosion. The Rengoku catches fire. Hoji receives reports that the engine section is damaged. The worst - Rengoku is sinking! Hoji slams his fist angrily on the desk. How could this happen? Shishio is totally pissed off, now realizing that Kenshin, Saitou and Sanosuke are a major threat in his conquest of Japan. He regrets that not dealing with them earlier. (Isn't a bit too late? Sigh! The problem with bad guys) He than challenges them to a fight - the Juppongatana against them, Shishio against Kenshin - at his fortress, the Rokutsurane Shrine Archway. Saitou lifts up his sword, why can't settle it now? Kenshin places his hand over Saitou's sword. He agrees to Shishio's challenge.

While they watch Shishio and his men leave in the lifeboats, Kenshin gives his reasons. He doesn't want to shed innocent blood since these men are blinded by their loyalty to Shishio. Sanosuke leaps into the ship's deck. WHERE'S SHISHIO? Kenshin points to the sea bluntly.. Sanosuke starts to make a racket. Saitou sees that Kyoto is safe and sound. Both men are relieved. The police force has lost 41 men - not bad. (says Saitou) Oh yeah, tell that to their families. (rebuts Kenshin). Both Kenshin and Sanosuke are to wait for Saitou at Aoiya while he has to finish up with the report writings.

On the way, Sanosuke finds it strange that he is working with Saitou. Does that mean that he and Saitou have made up? POW! Kenshin crashes into the wall. IN YOUR DREAMS, KENSHIN! (Sanosuke with red eyes) He still intends to have a re-match with Saitou. At Aoiya, Kenshin is told by Kaoru that Misao has .... Gone berserk! In her room, Misao keeps on screaming 'baka' to herself and hitting her head onto the floor. Kaoru tells the two men what had happened. Misao was nearly killed by Usui but a monk-like man stepped in and destroyed Usui's spear (Sanosuke's eyes widen). They had a little confrontation but left soon after. Kenshin finds the monk, Anjou, different from the Juppongatana, he notices Sanosuke trembling with rage. Another thing to inform Kenshin - Aoishi is here.

Kenshin has learnt that Aoishi almost kill Okina. All of a sudden, the Aoiya people rushed in, Okina has gained conscious. Some time later, when Okina has regained his strength, he requests Kenshin to do something for him - kill Aoishi. Aoishi has become an evil monster that must be stopped. Kenshin turns down the request. Aoishi is not a monster. There is still some good left in him. That bit has prevented him from taking Okina's life away. However, there is one thing that he will do - to bring Aoishi back to Aoiya. Misao burst into tears. Okina then sees the mistake in his decision. He has almost created a heartbroken Misao.

At night, Kaoru and Kenshin have a little chat about the Ama Kakeru Ryuu No Hirameki. She hands him a bottle of medicine that Megumi made for him. Yahiko gives a surprise attack, protesting about he being left behind while Kenshin fights with Shishio. Kenshin explains to Yahiko that he needs him to protect Aoiya while he is gone. Misao, Okina and the Oniwabashii appear and assure Kenshin that they will be fine. (Don't these people ever get some sleep?)

Dawn breaks out and the trio - Kenshin, Saitou and Sanosuke - set off. Before they left, Kenshin promises Kaoru that he will return.


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