Episode 22 - The wolf catches the eye of the heart


Usui intends to kill Shishio after he is done with them. He looks at Ayumi who puts back a dagger that she has drawn. Meanwhile, Sanosuke awakens and sees Anji who tells him that he is fortunate to have friends. Sanosuke takes his leaves, hoping to meet Anji once more to have a proper fight. He reaches the room where Usui is. Kenshin draws his sword but Saitou tells him that he will fight instead and he and Sanosuke should go ahead without him. (Seems like he doesn't want to waste time) Ayumi protests but is carried off by Sanosuke.

Running through the hallway, Ayumi tells Kenshin and Sanosuke about the slaughter in Kobe. Usui assumes that Saitou is here to avenge the deaths of the 50 policemen that he had murdered. Saitou replies that he may read his body but not his mind. The policemen knew that they have to die for their country to protect the civilians. Just as the Shinsen would do - Evil must die! So, Usui's assumptions are wrong! Thus, concluding that the eyes of the heart is not a supernatural thing.

Saitou strikes but Usui blocks it with the iron ball at the end of his spear-like weapon. Usui uses a multiple attack. Saitou receives 3 wounds. Usui replies that Saitou is correct. Then, he tells him how did he obtain it. After Shishio has blinded him, Usui was left in the forest to die. At the brink of death, Usui heard the sound of running water. He followed it until he reached a spring. He then realized that his sense of hearing has increased. He can hear more than an average person could hear. This enables him to anticipate the opponent's movements through muscle tensions, heartbeats and the sound of his breathing.

After mastering his newfound skill, he makes a deal with Shishio that he can kill anyone he pleased including him. Saitou finds it the other way. He click his fingers, the iron ball of Usui's weapons explodes to dust. Saitou will explain his own eyes of the heart. It's through psychological - to understand the true motivation of the enemy. When Usui mentioned about Shishio, his face had shown no hatred. In fact, he was smiling. Usui has no intention to kill Shishio because he knows that Shishio is much stronger than he is since he was closer to death than he was. Instead, he wants to use Shishio. When Shishio's men know that Shishio is also 'afraid' of Usui, they would be afraid of him as well. If he thinks that he is using Shishio but he is wrong. Shishio is actually using him!

Usui laughs. Saitou too. (Very creepy)

Usui is mad because Saitou is the only one who discovered the truth. He wants him dead. Saitou strikes but Usui injured him on the legs by defending himself with a tortoise shell-like shield. However, Saitou uses a secret technique of the Fang thrust. (A technique that he has been saving for Kenshin) Usui is pinned onto the wall, the shield breaks in half. He dies. Saitou pities him for wasting his gift and his second chance at life

140 men surround Aoiya. Seems like the Oniwabashi has a major disadvantage in numbers. Kamatari tells them that it is actually she, Henya and Iwanbo against them. She will kill for Shishio. (She goes nutty at the word 'Shishio') Okina tells them that it's better that they accept it. Kaoru and Yahiko with Henya, Misao with Kamatari and the 4 members of the Oniwabashii against Iwanbo.

While running down the hallway, Kenshin stops at Hoji's library. He senses someone inside. Aoishi Shinomori.