Episode 26 - The giant verus the superman


Everyone seems to be in despair. How could they fight against a giant? Yahiko (who has regained conscious) refuses to be submitted to defeat. Kenshin will come back. He will return.

Saizuchi gives them 3 reasons. First, Shishio will defeat Kenshin. Second, they must be exhausted after their fight with Kamatari, Henya and Iwanbo. Thirdly, Saizuchi allows Fuji to demonstrate his strength. Fuji destroys Aoiya. However, Yahiko is not convinced. Kenshin will come back.

Fuji holds his sword over Yahiko, who keeps still. He mutters Kenshin's name. Fuji strikes. Kaoru slumps to the ground, crying. Misao whispers to her to look up. Kaoru looks up. Yahiko looks up too. Standing before him is Hiko Seijirou. (In a very cool posture). Everybody gasp!

Hiko Seijirou tosses Fuji's sword aside. He looks at Yahiko (Don't you know that it's rude to stare?) Yahiko yells at him for being late. Hiko Seijirou tosses him to Kaoru. (Save the complains for Kenshin since it is his fault for not giving him the directions to Aoiya) Hiko praises Fuji for his display. Saizuchi tries to butt in but Hiko tells him to shut up. He wants to talk to Fuji only. Fuji is a unique person who has been taken advantaged by Saizuchi. Saizuchi quickly reminds him that he was the one who saved Fuji. Some years back, Fuji was shot down by the police officers based on unjust assumptions that Fuji is a threat to society. Hiko Seijirou warns Saizuchi to stay out. Fuji has already paid him back with his service. This is time for Fuji to decide for himself, the first thing to do is to take off his armor. The armour is eating away Fuji's dignity as a warrior.

Fuji listens to Hiko much to Saizuchi's dismay. Tears flow down Fuji's cheek. Okina explains that Fuji is having tears of happiness after finding someone who treats him like a human being not a monster. Misao questions why did Hiko ask him to take off his amour. Won't he move faster than before? Yahiko tells her that this is how Hiko Seijirou is. He doesn't take advantage of people. At last, both fighters will have a worthy fight.

Both men stand still; their eyes fixed on each other. Fuji holds his sword with both hands. Saizuchi is delighted - that will increase the force of the blow. Fuji strikes. Everybody struggles not to get blown away. A deep hole bedded on the ground. Saizuchi thinks that Hiko is dead, his face changes when he looks up. Hiko is not dead but hanging from Fuji's sword. Too bad, Fuji has missed. Hiko Seijirou uses the Hiten Mitsuguri Ku Ryu Sen. Fuji falls. Is he dead? Nope since Hiko Seijirou is using a reverse edge sword (Sakabatou). Meanwhile, Saizuchi is caught trapped under Fuji's arm.

Hiko has kept his promise to Kenshin. It's up to him to defeat Shishio. Everybody celebrates. Kaoru looks up and hopes for Kenshin's return.

Kenshin stops running and feels that Kaoru calling out to him. Sanosuke and Ayumi touch Kenshin's forehead. (Is he sick?) Kenshin thinks that Aoiya is safe from harm. After all, Hiko Seijirou always keeps his word.

Hoji is very upset that the attack on Aoiya has failed. How could they fail? Soujirou answers for him. The survival of the fittest. The strong will live while the weak perish. Soujirou takes his leave. He will defeat Kenshin. Shishio knows that Soujirou's strength is in his inability to feel emotions. Therefore, Soujirou can never lose. He is the best swordsman that Shishio has created.

Kenshin, Sanosuke and Ayumi reach the next room. Sanosuke becomes concerned since Soujirou manages to break Kenshin's previous Sakabatou. Kenshin is confident that he will be in a better position this time after mastering the Hiten Mitsurugi and possessing Arai Shakku's last sword. Ayumi opens the door.

Soujirou greets them