Episode 27 - The heaven sword verus the Hiten Mitsurugi


Kenshin doesn't want to waste time with all the polite talking that Soujirou has. Soujirou tells him that he need not be anxious. His friends at Aoiya have defeated the Juppongatana. It's up to him to carry out Shishio's conquest. Both strike. Kenshin is relieved that his sword is still intact while Soujirou's sword has a small crack.

Soujirou comments on Kenshin's improvement since their last fight at the Shingetsu village. He doesn't understand how a man like Kenshin could become stronger. He speeds off. Kenshin is taken back by the lightening speed. Now he understands how Soujirou is able to assassinate Ohkubo in his horse carriage. Sanosuke is dumbfounded. He asks Ayumi how Soujirou was able to do it. She doesn't know! What do you mean you don't know? (Sanosuke yells). This is the first time she has seen him do that!

Kenshin recognizes the technique as Shikuchi. Shishio has taught him that technique. It involves a lot of footwork and speed, which Soujirou naturally possess. It will make the user look like he has disappeared into thin air with each step. Nobody will be able to detect his movements. Soujirou will have more chances to win since he lacks emotions. Kenshin will absolutely die.

Soujirou is not giving Kenshin a nice time defending himself. Kenshin decides to use the Hiten Mitsuguri Ku Ryu Sen. Did he has him? No! Soujirou unexpectedly appears from behind and slashes Kenshin on the back. Mixed thoughts cloud Soujirou's mind. He is puzzled that Kenshin isn't dead though he gave him a fatal wound. Ayumi yells at him to concentrate. Soujirou remembers Shishio's words - the strong will live while the weak perish. He also recalls Senkaku's words - Kenshin is more than just strength. Soujirou asks Kenshin why didn't he kill Senkaku? Why didn't he? After that incident, Senkaku seemed to change.

Senkaku somehow escapes from the police and runs down to a river. Soujirou catches up with him. He asks Senkaku why is he alive? Senkaku doesn't know but he is grateful for Kenshin's compassion. He values life now. Kenshin has a strong will and mind. He is unlike Shishio who uses fear to control people. A bird flies up. A sound of a sword. Blood flows down the river.

Kenshin could sense Soujirou is getting unstable with each attack. What could be bothering Soujirou so much? Soujirou doesn't understand why Kenshin spares his opponents. Why does he fight for the weak? It doesn't make sense. The weak will always be trampled down by the strong. Kenshin tells Soujirou that he sense something is eating him from the inside. Soujirou has inner conflicts. A cold-blooded killer will never think about such things.

Ayumi could see emotions raging in Soujirou's eyes.

Soujirou tries to attack but his shoelace gets broken. He requests for a time out. Kenshin agrees. Sanosuke yells at him to attack while he has a chance. Doesn't he sound like Saitou? I DO NOT! (yells Sanosuke). Kenshin quietly tells Sanosuke to help him dress his wounds.

At Aoiya, Kaoru tends to Misao's wounds. Kamatari feels humiliated. Kaoru does not think so. She will help anyone who is injured. Kamatari knows that he can never return to Shishio. He has disgraced him.

Ayumi nags at Soujirou for taking a long time with his shoelace. Soujirou has flashbacks of his childhood. He was standing in the rain. Surrounding him was dead bodies. He was holding a bloody sword....