Episode 29 - Shun-Ten-Satsu versus Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki


Kenshin senses that Soujirou is getting very unstable. Soujirou believes strongly Shishio's teachings - the strong will survive and the weak will die. However, his inner conflicts have the better of Soujirou who releases his emotions. Kenshin is able to evade the blow and points his sword at Soujirou. Soujirou tells him that he hasn't won yet. One of them will have to die to decide the winner. Kenshin replies that Soujirou doesn't want to kill anybody right from the beginning. Deep down inside, he is not a killer. Deep down inside, he doesn't want to kill. Kenshin tells him that he could start over again.

Soujirou struggles again with his inner conflicts. He has to kill or else he will die. Wasn't that truth? On the other hand, Kenshin was telling the truth about him... Soujirou snaps and starts screaming and hitting his dead on the floor. Ayumi's worst fear has come true. Soujirou has been broken.

Soujirou gets up, very frustrated, intends to kill Kenshin as quickly as possible. Kenshin uses the Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki. Soujirou's sword is broken and is send flying. Kenshin collapses, panting heavily. He asks about Soujirou. Sanosuke shake his head to one side. Soujirou is resting on Ayumi's lap. The fight with Kenshin has given him the answer. Kenshin replies that he is wrong. Being strong is not by his fighting abilities, it is by going through life experiences. Soujirou will have to learn it by himself. He has to find the path by himself. However, he is still young and is capable of learning new things.

At the library, Aoishi is regaining his strength. He looks up and sees Saitou, smoking a cigarette. Aoishi tells him that Kenshin has left. Saitou throws him a blueprint of Shishio's hideout. After Shishio has been deal with, the rest of the police forces will come in. Then, what about Saitou's final confrontation with Kenshin? What if Shishio kills Kenshin before he did? Saitou smirks and replies that his confrontation will come again when the opportunity comes.

Kenshin and Sanosuke run down the hallway. They both wonder if Soujirou is able to leave Shishio? Ayumi tells Soujirou that she has to report to Shishio. Soujirou asks her to pass him a message for her. It's about the Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki. Tell Shishio to take notice of his left foot. The left foot? Kenshin uses the left foot to do the Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki. Usually, one would use the right foot to prevent oneself from self-injury when drawing his sword. But Kenshin uses the left foot and adds a twist to his style. However, this method is extremely difficult to do. Ayumi is eager to leave through the hidden passageway but Soujirou asks of one more flavour. Soujirou shows Ayumi a sword. This is the sword that Shishio gave him when they first met. He wants to return it to Shishio. He is very grateful to Shishio but he has to leave. He has to find his own path.

The rain falls. Soujirou looks up and bids farewell to Shishio.

In the main chamber, Shishio learns about Soujirou's defeat. He is impressed that Kenshin is able to defeat him without killing. He crushes the sword (the one that Soujirou asked Ayumi to give it to Shishio) with his bare fist. He alone will finish off Kenshin and then, he will be free to conquer Japan. Hoji replies that the conquest will have to take place a few years later after the losses of the Rengoku and the Juppongatana. Shishio answers that some minors are not to be concerned with as long as he is still alive. Hoji believes that Shishio is indeed the rightful leader of Japan.

Sanosuke knocks down the door, which leads to Shishio's chamber. They find Ayumi waiting for them. Sanosuke sees Kenshin catching his breath and is dripping blood. Sanosuke is worried. Kenshin wants him to stay out during his fight with Shishio. Sanosuke agrees verbally but is determined to step in as soon he sees Kenshin is on danger. Ayumi offers them a deal - she would allow them to go but they mustn't get into Shishio's way again. Kenshin turns the offer down but commented on Ayumi's concern for Shishio. Ayumi leads them through a tunnel. She holds out a watch and looks at the time. The watch ticks the minutes away.

Ayumi pull downs a handle and the door opens.

In front of them was a bridge, across it was a building and at the rooftop, Shishio and Hoji are waiting for them.