Episode 3 - Demon in revenge; Makoto Shishio's plot.


Saitou stabs Kenshin deeply but the blade has missed the vital organs. Kenshin is flung aside with a kick. Kaoru recognizes the technique as Gakatsu. Kenshin strikes again but get hits again. Saitou says that there is no name to his fighting technique and he shouldn't bother to try. Kaoru runs forward Kenshin but stops at the killer look in his eyes. She stands between Kenshin and Saitou, refusing to move. Kenshin walks past her. Saitou wants to finish Kenshin off when he is seriously injured. He is getting stronger and faster each time he moves.

Kenshin moves with sudden speed; Saitou luckily kicks him away. Kenshin pants heavily, his eyes snapped open. His eyes are yellow in colour. Fear pierced into Kaoru. Saitou becomes excited, Battousai Hitokiri has returned. He strikes. Kenshin evades and hits him on the neck with his reverse edge sword. Saitou crashes into the wall. Kenshin is able to avoid it because Saitou has repeated his Fang thrust many times. He too wants to settle the score. Only one of them will live. Kaoru's legs give way, deep down, she prays for Kenshin's safety.

Both men fight once more; Saitou's sword gets broken in the process. Kaoru wants to stop the fight but Sanosuke (who is leaning against Megumi) tells her that it is useless. Both men are transported back to the Tokugawa era. The only way to stop them is to get somebody from their era. A horse carriage races along the streets. A breaded man asks his officer, Kawaji about how long has Saitou been inside the dojo. They have to hurry because the mission depends greatly on these 2 men.

Saitou holds out his broken sword in the Fang thrust position. He knows that there is only way a shinsen can die. He strikes; he threw his sword at Kenshin who blocks it with his bare hand. Saitou's fist aims toward Kenshin, the other hand unexpectedly shows a whip, knocking the sword from Kenshin's grip. He then uses his jacket and wraps it around Kenshin's neck, and tries to straggle him. Kenshin manages to break off. Both men pants heavily, their eyes still locked on each other. The next move will determine who will live.

Kenshin and Kenshin fight once more, Kaoru's tears keep on flowing. A commanding voice boom, breaking up the fight. It is Kawaji who reprimands Saitou that his assignment is to report on Hitokiri Battousai's fighting abilities, not to kill him. The breaded man enters, Kenshin recognizes him as the former Satsuma clan Royalist - Ohkubo Tochimichi. Megumi further explains that he is one of the pillars of the Meji government. Meanwhile, Akamatsu watches the scene and decides to report back to Shibumi. Saitou senses his presence and prepares to leave. He will settle their fight some other time. Before he leaves, he tells Kawaji that Himura Battousai will be able to complete the mission not Kenshin Himura.

Ohkubo wants to talk with Kenshin in private. Kenshin knocks himself on the head to get back to his normal self. He tells Ohkubo that he should feel free to speak out among his friends. Kaoru is relieved that Kenshin has come back and hugs him. Kenshin faints and Megumi gets the medical kit. Later on, Ohkubo tells Kenshin and the rest about a former Battousai known as Makoto Shishio. The rumor is that another Battousai killed Shishio 10 years ago. Ohkubo continues to say that Shishio has grown stronger in political power with each assassination. The government was afraid that he might be a threat and decides to get rid of him. They tried to burn him to death but Shishio has miraculously survived and he has an underground organization that will definitely bring down the Meji government. The assignment for Kenshin is to go to Kyoto and assassinate Shishio.

Kawaji tells Kenshin of the benefits that he gets if he is successful including pardon for Megumi who once made illegal opium. Megumi slams her hand on the floor, she will not be intimated by such threats. Sanosuke is angry that the Meji government is getting Kenshin to clean up the mess that they have made. Yahiko thinks that if there is a different situation, they may want Kenshin dead as well. Kaoru tells Ohkubo that they will not allow Kenshin to become Battousai again. Ohkubo understands that Kenshin needs time to think. Therefore, he will give him one week.

Akamatsu informs Shibumi about Ohkubo's visit. Immediately, Shibumi decides to hire Saitou to kill Ohkubo. Akamatsu thinks that he is crazy and wants to back out. Saitou appears and kills him. Shibumi tires to bribe Saitou who replies that one can control dogs with a leash, men with money but nobody can control a wolf like him. He kills Shibumi. A Shinsen is always a Shinsen. Battousai will always be battousai.

Kawaji reminds Kenshin that he has to give an answer on May the 14th. Ohbuko quietly tells Kenshin that stability and peace of Japan will depend greatly on his answer. The horse carriage drives off. This will be the last time that Kenshin will see Ohbuko. On the fateful day of May the 14th, their lives will change forever.