Episode 30 - The two men from the same destiny. Shishio versus Kenshin


Sanosuke, Kenshin and Ayumi cross over the bridge. Ayumi explains that the dark-coloured water that they see is petroleum, which is used to replace coal. Shishio intends to use it to strength Japan's economy. Sanosuke mocks at the idea of Shishio becoming Japan's leader. Kenshin tells him that Shishio is an intelligent man and is not to be taken lightly of.

While Shishio and Hoji are waiting for Kenshin, they have a little talk about the importance of eliminating Kenshin. Hoji promises to rebuild the organisation within 3 years. As Kenshin, Sanosuke and Ayumi climb up the stairs, Sanosuke feels very uneasy for the next fight. How would Kenshin defeat Shishio after having 2 major fights with Aoishi and Soujirou?

Kenshin reflects on how different he and Shishio are despite that they both survivors of the Tokkugawa era. Shishio believes in the laws of nature - the survival of the fittest. The strong will survive the weak will perish. He believes that he is destined to rule Japan even though the price is the blood of the innocent.

After the Tokugawa era, Kenshin is been a ronin, wandering to find something that would be meaningful in his life. He remembers the fight with Hiko Seijirou. The last words of his guardians. They want him to live. He has to survive and live. To find the path. All those years, Kenshin is looking for that path. Shishio reflects that he should have taken Kenshin seriously from the beginning. Before they reached the rooftop, Kenshin remembers his promise to Kaoru.

At the rooftop where the arena is, Kenshin thanks Ayumi for being their guide. Ayumi bows and walks back to Shishio. She wishes him the best. Shishio kiss her and walks past her. Ayumi looks at the watch.

The watch strike 5p.m and both men start fighting. Shishio uses his hidden technique, the Homuradama. Kenshin gets slashed and burned by the flames the sword produces. Kenshin staggers backwards. He analyses the technique, the flame is caused by the friction such as striking the sword on the ground. But the sword cannot produce flame by friction alone. Something else is in the sword. And that smell is too familiar to Kenshin, its human oil! The oil is from all the victims that Shishio has killed.

Shishio admits that Kenshin is correct that there is another secret. Arai Shakku made this sword. This sword can never be brittle overtime because the flames strengthened it. Although they may come from the same era, and their swords made by the same person, one of them will die. Kenshin uses Hiten Mistuguri Ryogusen. Shishio catches the blade with his fingers. He has seen that technique in the Shingetsu village. Therefore, it is useless to use the same technique twice on him.

He grabs Kenshin and bites him on the neck! Kenshin falls, stunned. Shishio smiles, his mouth dripping with blood.