Episode 31 - Kenshin's most critical battle


Shishio extremely zealous in his beliefs - The survival of the fittest. The strong will live the weak will die. The weak are made to serve the strong. How can the weak Meiji government rule over the strong? Therefore, he has to fulfill his destiny. Kenshin replies that all the people in Japan wants is to live in peace and he will let him take away that from them. Sanosuke finds the both men have very opinions about their beliefs but all this talking will make Kenshin weaker psychically.

While both men fight, Shishio tells Kenshin about the recent development in other countries. They are setting up colonies around the east and these areas are a threat to their trading routes. However, the Meiji government is only concern about themselves. Therefore, Japan needs strong ruler. The strong will rule the weak, as it should have always been. Kenshin recalls Soujirou repeating his words. Shishio has been using him from the start. Shishio smirks, although Soujirou has left, he has discovered something about the Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki. Kenshin is glad that Soujirou has left and this is something that Shishio will never understand.

Both men fight again. Shishio grabs Kenshin and ignites his glove, which is coated with gunpowder. Kenshin is thrown off by the explosion, unconscious. Hoji and Shishio gloats over the victory. Ayumi is relieved that the fight is over in less than 10 minutes. However, they hear Saitou's voice. Do not let your guard until all your enemies are dead.

Saitou burst through the door, his sword aims at Shishio's head. But Shishio somehow seems to be unaffected and slashes Saitou. Shishio has a metal band around his head. When the Meiji government tried to kill him, his head was injured as well. Saitou battles with Shishio. However, his speed is affected by the leg injuries that were inflicted by Usui (as just Shishio has planned). Unfortunately, Shishio knows his fighting techniques and gives him the same gunpowder treatment.

Sanosuke tries to attack Shishio but ends up being beaten up. Sanosuke uses the Futae no Kiwami but has his fist cracked. Shishio hits on the head. Sanosuke is knocked out with a bleeding head.

Hoji becomes very excited. Shishio laughs over his victories.

Then, Aoishi Shinomori appears.