Episode 32 - The revival of the warrior spirit


Aoishi calls Shishio a loser because he has won under false claims. He had fought with Kenshin and Kenshin was weakened in the process. Kenshin has kept his promise and Aoishi will cover up for the losses. Shishio agrees to fight with him and puts on his gloves.

Aoishi uses his illusions but Shishio finds his techniques are not fast enough. Ayumi wonders is how Aoishi is able to fight despite the heavy injury that he had. Where does his strength come from? Shishio hits him on the throat. Aoishi coughs out blood. Shishio mocks Aoishi. If Kenshin is able to defeat him, so should he. Shishio attacks him, Aoishi is down but gets up. Shishio ridicules him. Maybe, Kenshin would be able to save him if he gets up. Aoishi remembers what Kenshin had told him. His will to live is stronger than anything else is.

Leaves start to blow around the arena. Kenshin gets up in an unconscious state. The leaves are reacting to the warrior spirit inside Kenshin. He regains conscious. Hoji becomes afraid. Kenshin yells, the leaves snapped in two. Sanosuke and Saitou regain conscious. Shishio sadistically asks if Kenshin has a nice time visiting hell.

Shishio and Kenshin fight once more. Ayumi panics about the time limit that Shishio has. He has 15 minutes and time is running out. Shishio's sweat glands were destroyed when he was burned and this unable the body to cool itself. If this keeps up, the accumulated internal heat will burn Shishio alive. In other words, he will die! They must stop the fight! Hoji remembers that intense heat that was released from Shishio's hand when Shishio touched his forehead. He then reveals a rifle from his outer coat but throws it away. Hoji is totally confident that Shishio will win and as members of the Juppongatana, they should trust him.

Shishio grabs Kenshin by the neck and tries to do the gunpowder technique again. Flashbacks of his departure to Kyoto and Kaoru's tears flood into Kenshin's mind. With sudden energy, Kenshin did a 5-hit combo and the Ku Ryu Sen, sending Shishio crashing into the wall. Kenshin pants heavily. Hoji finally understands that killing Kenshin is just as good as conquering Japan.

The pipes burst out flames. The flames are reacting to Shishio's spirit as just as the leaves are reacting to Kenshin's. Shishio intends to use his secret technique. Sanosuke knows that Kenshin has to use his Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki.

However, Kenshin is at the point of exhaustion.