Episode 33 - The victor; Shishio versus Kenshin - the last battle!


Kenshin positions himself in the Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki mode. Hoji is overconfident that Shishio will counter act it when he sees the left foot of Kenshin. Shishio tells Kenshin that he has an enjoyable time but he doesn't have time to waste. Kenshin agrees with him. Both fight again.

At Aoiya, Misao examines the damages. Okina tells her not to worry since it's time to do some remodelling. Kaoru prays for Kenshin's safety. Hiko tells her that as long as Kenshin uses the Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki, he will not be defeated. Even if the enemy can escape the jaws of the dragon, the wind of its passage will render him helpless and he will be torn apart by the dragon's claws. At the same time, he commented something nice to one of the Oniwabashi members, Ochiku (who falls for him).

Shishio sees Kenshin leaps with his left foot. He evades and releases a fiery whirlpool but finds himself trapped. The speed of the Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki made a vortex that force Shishio to be drawn into Kenshin's attacking range. Kenshin turns around and hits him on the side. Shishio is send flying and crashes into the ground. But he gets up, vomiting and yelling in agony.

Ayumi is unable to control herself. She drops the watch, runs and stands between the 2 men. She begs Kenshin to let Shishio go. Shishio can't fight more than 15 minutes. He is dying and is no longer a threat. Kenshin drops his guard. Shishio mutters that the fight is not over. He stabs the sword right through Ayumi and into Kenshin. Ayumi falls into Shishio's arms while Kenshin collapses, bleeding. Kenshin calls Shishio a fiend from hell. No man would kill his lover. Shishio replies that Kenshin is no position to judge him. The dying Ayumi is happy to sacrifice herself. She is jealous of Soujirou, Kamatari and the Juppongatana because they have fighting abilities unlike her.. Now, Shishio will be able to reach his goal. She thanks Shishio for his love before she dies. Hoji pities Ayumi. She has been longing for happiness all her life and has finally found it at death.

Kenshin is bleeding profusely. Shishio wants an outcome very badly. Red stream is rising from his body. His blood is evaporating due to the intense heat inside him. Kenshin debates if he should let Shishio win. After all, Shishio will need time to recover and maybe there will be others who will be able to stop him. Then, he hears Koaru (their promise to go home together) and Hiko's (Wake up and fight, baka deshi!) voices.

Kenshin spring back to life and fights back. Then, flames burst out from Shishio's body. Shishio is burning to death (a second time). He laughs bitterly as he becomes a blackened corpse. Hoji is shattered and runs out of the arena. He knocks into Kenshin (who picked up the watch that Ayumi has dropped) who immediately lost conscious. Meanwhile, the berserk Hoji starts to destroy the place.

The group runs out of the building but Sanosuke can't open the outer door. Saitou breaks it down but reopens his leg wounds in the process. The whole places starts to tumble down, then a flame shoots up beneath the bridge where they are.