Episode 34 - The remaining of the Juppongatana


The bridge is destroyed, separately Sanosuke (who is carrying Kenshin) and Aoishi from Saitou. Saitou, composed, smokes a cigarette. Sanosuke yells at him for not keeping his end of the bargain (they are supposed to have a rematch). Saitou walks away. An explosion and the place start to fall apart. Aoishi and Sanosuke run.

At a field, Hoji wakes up. Anji has saved him. Hoji is upset. He wants to die like Shishio and Ayumi. Soujirou is saddened by their deaths. He takes his leave, to find the path. Anji decides to give himself to the police for his crimes. Hoji joins him; he wants the public to know about Shishio and his beliefs.

Late at night, Sanosuke and Aoishi arrive at Aoiya. Everybody run up to them (Misao and Kaoru have tears of joy). Kenshin is severely injured and Kaoru sends for Megumi. A month later, Kenshin recovers. During that time, he has dreamt about the past events, including a nameless grave. While Aoiya is being rebuilt, they stay at Shirobeko restaurant, whose owner is Sai, Tae's sister. Everybody is having a party and Misao keeps on screaming for Aoishi. Okina tells her that he is medicating at the Zen temple.

Katanagari Cho pays them a visit. He is working for the Meiji Government in order to escape prison. His purpose to tell them about the rest of the Juppongatana since Shishio's death. Henya is serving as a military spy for the Army and Navy. Saizuchi is an interpreter since he speaks foreign languages. Fuji is sent to the northern provinces to build up the remote areas. Kaoru and Misao ask about Kamatari. He is affected by Shishio's death. Cho visited her and told her that Shishio has left them to do something if anything would happen to him. That is to spread his word. Kamatari is convinced and decides to work for the Meiji government as a spy under an exchange student disguise. Anji is sentenced to prison for 25 years.

Okina finds it hard that Shishio would ever consider being defeated. Cho calls them fools. He has lied to him! However, it would give Kamatari a purpose at life. Kamatari is a fanatic and loves Shishio deeply. Ayumi was in love with Shishio too. She was an intelligent courtesan and the most trusted person of Shishio and he loves her too. Kenshin asks about Hoji who seems to be the most loyal member of the Juppongatana. Cho replies that Hoji has died. Hoji, who has excellent capabilities in administration, refused to work with the Meiji government. Therefore, they placed him solitary prison. He committed suicide later.

Only 2 men escaped - Soujirou & Iwanbo. Soujirou will be too clever to be caught and Iwanbo is totally harmless since he is very stupid.

Kenshin tells Cho that he will remember them even though nobody will. After Cho left, Yahiko asks Kenshin if they were right. Kenshin replies that they were fighting for their beliefs. It doesn't mean that they are right because they win. But one thing is certain, Shishio's survival of the fittest cannot be applied for mankind.

(This is most corny part of this whole Kyoto arc) Hoji wakes up to find himself in hell. He sees Ayumi and Shishio. Shishio have a new conquest - he is going to conquer hell! Hoji will have new duties to help him fulfil this new destiny. Hoji eagerly joins the couple.

At a small tea restaurant, Soujirou prepares to find his path. He hopes that it won't take more than 10 years.

At a cliff, there is a tiny wooden shrine. A flower is in the vase and a watch is placed next to it.