Episode 35 - Engraved Memory


Megumi places a new bandage on Kenshin's wounds. Kenshin thanks her for her help. Megumi's eyes turned misty. She leans her head against Kenshin's back and starts to cry.

Misao protests loudly when Kaoru announces that they are returning home the next day. The main reason for leaving so soon is that Kyoto gives bitter and sad memories to Kenshin who knows that he will forever known as Battousai, no matter how hard he tried. Okina understands Kaoru's intentions but invites them to stay for a festival. (Misao and Okina starts to do a little celebration)

Kaoru goes to the room where Yahiko, Kaoru and Kenshin are staying. She finds out that Kenshin and Sanosuke have left early in the morning. Yahiko decides to go to the place where the Kenshin fought Shishio. Megumi appears and wishes to have a word with Kaoru. Kenshin is seen walking on a pathway and stops to buy flowers. Misao is disappointed to find the rest have gone somewhere. Then, she sees Aoishi leaving for the Zen temple. Yahiko arrives at the Rokutsurane Shrine where he meets up with Sanosuke.

Under a bridge, Megumi and Kaoru are sitting together as they cool their feet at the river. Yahiko feels left out because he missed out all the actions and never got to see Shishio. Sanosuke offers to bring him to the place where the Kenshin and Shishio had their battle. Megumi tells Kaoru that Kenshin has pushed the limits of his body. The injuries of his past battles are taking a toll on his body. If Kenshin is to be engaged in another fight, he might not survive. Meanwhile, Kenshin is seen at a nameless grave. It starts to rain, Misao runs to the Zen temple (where Aoishi is medicating) with an umbrella.

Megumi continues to tell Kaoru that she is a very important person in Kenshin's life. She must trust and believe in him that Kenshin will return from any fight. She better not lose her faith in him. Kenshin survives each fight is because of her. While Kenshin is praying at the grave, Hiko Seijirou shows up. He comments on him returning to this grave after 10 years. At the entrance of the Zen temple, Misao waits for Aoishi. Sanosuke shows Yahiko the burnt down arena. Yahiko wonders if Sanosuke is looking for any signs that Saitou may be alive.

After a small talk between Hiko and Kenshin, Hiko tosses him an umbrella and tells him to return to Tokyo with his friends. At the bridge, Kaoru thanks Megumi for her advice. Then, they both see a beautiful rainbow... Yahiko and Sanosuke see it too. Sanosuke vows to surpass Saitou. Yahiko then understands that a fighter has to move on after each battle. Later, Yahiko and Sanosuke meet up with Megumi and Kaoru. Then, Kenshin meets up with them. Kaoru sees that Kenshin has a breakthrough...

Later at the night, Kenshin thanks Okina (who is very sad to see them leave). The next day, they bid farewell to Aoishi who promised to have a tea ceremony with them if they meet again. At the train station, Misao sends them off. At an office, Cho asks Saitou if he does not want them to know that he is still alive. Saitou (forever smoking a cigarette) gives a sly smile. When the opportunity comes, he and Kenshin will fight again.

At Tokyo, while the gang are walking home. Kenshin stops and looks at the river. Kaoru remember that this is the place where he departed for Kyoto. She reaches out her hand and tells Kenshin that this is his home. Kenshin takes her hand. Together, they walk back home.


Okairinasai, Kenshin...

Tadaima, Kaoru-domo....