Episode 4 - Keshin's departure


Tension rises for everyone on the 14th of May. On the roadside, Ayame and Suzume points out to Kenshin the spot where they could watch the fireflies at night. Kaoru hopes that Kenshin will be able to join them. Before Kenshin could replies, Sanosuke steps on his head. Everybody is not willing to let him go. Kenshin tells that the situation is not as clear as white. After all, why hasn't Saitou kill him? The main reason is that Saitou has lived by this motto - Ako, Zoku, Zan (Evil mist die!). He live by this code that as long as anybody poses as a threat to Japan, he die. However, that doesn't make anyone to like him.

Kenshin decides to meet Ohkubo instead of Ohkubo coming to him. He sets off. Kaoru becomes worried. Yahiko assures her that Kenshin will return.

The weary Ohbuko sits inside his carriage, hoping that Kenshin could give him the answer that he need. Then, a young man (known as Seta Soujirou)enters the moving carriage and brings a message from Shishio. Even though he has asked for Hitokiri Battousai's assistance, it won't stop him from conquering Japan. He stabs.

Another group of rebels intercepts the carriage and killed the driver. When they open the door, the dead Ohkubo drops out. The rebels decided to claim that they are the ones who killed Ohkubo. Kenshin sees a crowed surrounding a body - Ohkubo's. Seta Soujirou warns Kenshin to stay out of this and walks away. News of Ohkubo's murder swept through Japan.

Kawaji is emotionally upset by it. He knows that this is another scheme by Shishio. Another man enters the room - Yamayoshi - the last man to see Ohkubo alive. He tells Kawaji, Saitou and Kenshin that Ohkubo's wish to let the people realized that they played a vital role in maintaining the stability of their country. Outside the room, Saitou tells Kenshin that he is going to Kyoto to find Shishio. With Ohkubo dead, the other politicians cannot be relied on.

At a bridge, Kenshin thinks over about the past events and recalls Jin-en's words - a battousai is always a battousai. Kenshin struggles with who he wants to be - Kenshin or Himura Battousai.

Late at night, Megumi is forced to leave for Doctor Genzai's place for an emergency patient. Sanosuke accompanies her. Kaoru wants to meet Kenshin on the way. Halfway, she stops and looks at the fireflies dancing in the darkness. Kenshin appears and tells her he is going to Kyoto to stop Shishio. Why? Why does Kenshin have to go? Why does he want to return as Battousai? Kenshin wishes to find the answer for himself. If he continues to have inner conflicts, the problem will get worse through time. He hugs Kaoru and thanks for all the good time that they have. He is happy since the first day that they met especially when she told him, that she didn't care about his past. He felt peace in his heart.

Kenshin then walks away into the darkness, leaving Kaoru crying.