Episode 5 - Kaoru goes to Kyoto


Everybody is affected by Kenshin's absence especially Kaoru. Sansuke is upset that Kenshin has gone without telling him when he is going. So, he throws his temper on everything he sees. Sanosuke goes to his friend, Katsu to borrow some money for the trip to Kyoto. Katsu gives him some bombs as they might come in handy. Sanosuke prepares to leave while Yahiko appears at the door. He yells at Sanosuke for trying to leave while he has to deal with Kaoru who couldn't be bothered to react to anybody. Sanosuke looks up and sees Saitou.

Saitou doesn't want Sanosuke to go to Kyoto because he will be nothing more than a burden. That is why Kenshin left without telling him. The enemy will always strike at the weakness. Sanosuke is a weakness.

The mad Sanosuke tries to punch Saitou but ends up being thrown to the ground with an injured shoulder. Saitou steps on the injured area, making Sanosuke scream in pain. Yahiko finds Saitou a dirty coward. Saitou simply replies that when it comes to fighting, there are no dirty cowards. The enemy will always strike on the weak points of the their opponents. One of the basic strategies of survival. Sanosuke gets up, refusing to believe that he is weak. He punches but Saitou blocks his every move, not letting a single chance to get close to him.

Saitou then puts his sword aside and decides to fight Sanosuke one on one with just their fists. Sanosuke attacks but end up being a punching bag. He thought that Saitou would be tired but he isn't. He gives an upper cut to Sanosuke. Does he understand now? Does he understand the difference between his levels and theirs? He will be a burden. Yet, the stubborn Sanosuke insists to go to Kyoto.

In the Fang thrust position, Saitou strikes and hits Sanosuke on the face but his fist is caught between Sanosuke's hands. How about that, wise guy? But Sanosuke receives a punch by Saitou's other hand. Saitou decides to let Sanosuke go, knowing that it will be futile to change his mind. If he wants to let himself be killed, fine with him. His fist could be useful if Sanosuke learns some defense and battle strategies on the way. Katsu offers to treat Sanosuke's injured shoulder. Sanosuke then remembers that throughout the entire fight, Saitou did not hit him on that injured area. He tells Yahiko to bring Kaoru to Kyoto no matter what.

Yahiko bumps into Megumi who thought that they have left for Kyoto. Yahiko shakes his head and hopes that Megumi could talk some sense into Kaoru. At the Kamiya dojo, Tsubame urges Kaoru to eat something but Kaoru tells her off. The door opens and Megumi sarcastically says the Kenshin has left her. What does she want? From her sleeve, Megumi shows a round bottle of medicine. She is hoping that Kaoru could give it to Kenshin at Kyoto but since she is just lazing about, Yahiko could do it. Then, why don't she give it to Kenshin herself. Unfortunately, she is busy and has patients to attend. Does it meant that her patients are more important than Kenshin? Megumi almost slap her. The reason is she is staying here is that she is atoning for her past actions and keeping her promise to Kenshin. At least, she is doing something, What about Kaoru who remains to moan and groan?

Kaoru tells her that she wouldn't understand her feelings. Kenshin has bid her farewell. But does she understand Megumi's feelings? Kaoru is the only one whom Kenshin bid farewell. Doesn't that mean anything? Megumi walks towards the entrance of the dojo and hands the bottle of medicine to Yahiko. He promises to bring Kenshin back. Megumi shed tears.

Yahiko runs into the room and urges Kaoru to snap out of it and go to Kyoto. Megumi has agreed to take care of the Kamiya dojo. He tosses the bottle of medicine to Kaoru who holds it tightly. Yes, she wants to go to Kyoto. She wants to see Kenshin again.