Episode 6 - Till the day I become the strongest; Aoishi Shinomori


Kaoru and Yahiko leave for Kyoto by ship. Meanwhile, Sanosuke sets to destroy Mother Nature by knocking down a couple of trees. He desires to become stronger so that he could help Kenshin and not be a burden. Obviously, he is pissed off by Saitou's words.

Kenshin looks at the path that he has took so far. He never thought that he would become a wanderer again. The passers-by see his sword and avoid him. Kenshin recalls the last night's conversation with Saitou. Kenshin was offered a free trip to Kyoto by ship but he rejected the offer. He wants to travel there by foot. Saitou thinks him as a fool because Shishio has spies targeting on him. They almost got into a fight but stopped since they have to work together as comrades. Kenshin doesn't seem to be like the idea. His thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a whistle. A policeman glares at him and commands him to surrender his sword. Kenshin runs off with the policeman hot on his heels. (Go! Kenshin! Go!)

Megumi returns to the Kamiya dojo and finds the door unlocked. She rushes in, thinking that it might be Kenshin. To her horror, Aoshi Shinomori is standing there. Aoshi wants to find Kenshin. Megumi refuses to say anything. Aoishi threatens to kill her when Saitou arrives. They exchange words (literally showing off their spying skills) and Saitou fills in the details. Aoshi decides to go to Kyoto to settle his score with Kenshin. The cat-faced Megumi scowls at Saitou who finds Aoshi too confident but he could be useful. Hiding among the trees is Seta Soujirou who agrees with him.

Meanwhile the policeman is still chasing Kenshin and Sanosuke becomes lost in the woods. Megumi becomes troubled and unknowingly set a patient's hair on fire.

Aoshi went to the graves of his friends and finds 4 giants desecrating the place. The 4 men introduce themselves as the giants of Abukuma. They are ordered to bring Aoshi to Shishio. Aoshi coldly tells them to tell Shishio that if he wants to see him, he should come to him. The giants attack because they feel that Aoshi has insulted Shisho. However, they are unaware that Aoshi has two swords beneath the sheath. Blood. The giants of Abukuma are no more than dead corpses. Soujirou appears and praises Aoshi. He then proceeds to explains the deal - work for Shishio and he will restore the glory of the Oniwabanshi that Aoshi has worked so hard for.

Soujirou arrives where the mummified guy, Makoto Shishio and his courtesan, Ayumi are waiting for him.

A cloaked woman walked through the streets, attracting the men. Kenshin (somehow escapes the policeman) passes the inns and into the woods. He wonders how everybody is doing while he is away. Then, he hears laughter. Shishio's men? Can't be. The noise is too loud. At another part of the woods, the cloaked woman is surrounded by men who gives her a big bag of money in exchange of physical pleasure. The woman removes her cloak, revealing to be nothing more than a young teenager. The men walks away because her figures are not of those of a full-grown woman. The girl snaps and gives them a whooping. (I'm already 16!!!!)

The girl cheerfully takes the bag of money as long as she pretends to be sexy; they will fall for it. Kenshin appears and comments that he never expected the thief to be a girl.

So what is he going to do about it? The girl leaps onto a rock and Kenshin faces an unintentional confrontation