Episode 7 - Makimachi Misao's Deceptive Looks


The female thief wants to steal something from Kenshin but changes her mind at the sight of the ragged clothes. Her eyes set on the sword. She wants it and attacks Kenshin who simply dodges, making her madder by the minute. Kenshin holds out the stolen bag of money that she has dropped. The girl throws daggers and Kenshin accidentally uses her cloak as a shield. A very BIG mistake. She demands payment and Kenshin offers his sword in exchange for the bag of money. She examines it and discovers that it is a reverse edge sword. Oh well, never mind if it is worth nothing, she gets to keep it. Kenshin protests loudly but the girl insist to take the sword as payment for her damaged cloak. To get back his sword, Kenshin is forced to pay her.

Afterwards, he goes back to town and returns the stolen bag of money. The girl follows him and Kenshin is able to observe that she has been well taught in marital arts. Also, she is going to Kyoto. Meanwhile the group of men that the girl has previously beaten up is looking for her.

At a bridge, the girl introduces herself as Misao Makimachi. She has travelling all over Japan to find her guardians who left her in the care of an old man when she was a child. Unfortunately, she has no more money and has to return to Kyoto. Kenshin believes that the men that she has robbed are probably looking for her. And he was right. They are immediately surrounded. Kenshin draws out his sword and warns them to stay back. An ominous cracking sound of the wood. Everybody falls into the river below.

Misao thanks Kenshin for his help but Kenshin modestly says that his experience has saved them. Misao finds Kenshin similar to her guardians. They once protected the Kyoto castle during the Tokugawa era. They are called the Oniwabashi and Aoshi Shinomori is their leader. Kenshin unintentionally repeats the name. Misao thinks that Kenshin knows Aoshi and asks him, her face filled with hope. Kenshin tries to avoid the questions but he is bugged continuously throughout the journey.

The sky darkens and rain, Kenshin and Misao seek shelter under a tree. At a ship, Kaoru and Yahiko are worried for Kenshin. Kaoru recalls a time when they were caught in a heavy rain and Kenshin held her hand. Under the tree, Misao talks about her admiration for Aoishi. Once the rain ends, Kenshin tries to run away but Misao keeps in chasing after him. She trips and fell. Then, she looks up and sees Kenshin ahead of her. She runs forward but stops at an edge of a cliff. Kenshin is at the other side. She throws daggers, which Kenshin deflected.

Kenshin tells her that she should not follow him. He doesn't know Aoshi. (Apparently, he thinks that if he told her that Aoshi is dead. It will shatter her dreams. The only problem is that Kenshin doesn't know that Aoshi is still alive.) They should go on their own ways. He wishes her luck in her search. Misao seems submitted but turns back. There is no way that she will give up. She tries to leap over but falls. Kenshin jumps down and saves her.

Later, Misao awakens and Kenshin tells her that he will let her accompany him to Kyoto provided that she would never a foolish thing like that again. Misao agrees but continues to bug him about Aoshi.