Episode 2 - Lost Cat



Kenshin drops his sword. Should he kill her or not? After all, she is a witness! The woman collapsed into Kenshin's arms. Kenshin then carries her back to Katsuran's place. The landlady teases him for being a woman back after a kill. The landlady attends to the woman. Later, she shows Kenshin that woman is carrying a dagger.


The next day, Kenshin wakes up from a dream about murdering her. The woman is nowhere to be seen. Later, Kenshin finds her helping around with the house chores. The woman thanks him and introduces herself as Tomoe. After finding out that she has no place to go, the landlady takes her in (partly due to Kenshin's persuasion) but advises him to find out more about her background.


Katsura too wants to learn more about the man who attacked Kenshin and the woman that Kenshin has brought back. However, Mitsuka is unable to find any information. Perhaps, she is wanderer. Later, Katsura reads a letter, he learns that his friend, Takashuki is seriously ill.


Meanwhile, the Shinsen-gumi is analyzing their comrades' deaths. They suspect that Kenshin is behind this. In Katsura's place, Tomoe passes a towel to Kenshin to wipe his bleeding face. The next day, Mitsuka informs the men that Katsura has ordered them to lay low for the time being.


Tomoe enters Kenshin's room and finds him sleeping. She thinks that he looked like a child. She wraps a blanket around him. Kenshin awakes and almost kill her. He quickly apologizes. Tomoe sees books on the floor and asks him if he has read them. Kenshin replies that an assassin don't read books. He tells her to leave and find a place where there is no bloodshed. Tomoe replies that Kenshin is the one who needs to leave. Kenshin admits that he has dreams about the men that he had killed and he doesn't need her concern. However, he thanks her.


At night, Katsura has a word with Tomoe. He wants her to become Kenshin's woman. Anyway, Tomoe asks Kenshin out for a drink at the restaurant. While they drank sake, Tomoe asks him whether he likes being an assassin. Kenshin replies that he doesn't know. Mitsuka appears and tells them that the Katsura is being attacked by the Shinsen-gumi. Kenshin and Tomoe hurry back but are confronted by some Shinsen members. Tomoe pleads with Kenshin not to draw his sword but Kenshin kills them while she watches.


Saitou Hajime is hoping to find Kenshin but couldn't. Hiding in the shadows, Kenshin wants to fight them but is held back by Tomoe. She leads him into an alley. Saitou looks up and comments about a smell of plum blossoms.


Kenshin and Tomoe meet up with Katsura (who is lucky to be somewhere else when the Shinsen-gumi attacked) who tells them to lay low at the countryside and wait for his orders. Till then, they are to be husband and wife.