Episode 3 - Midnight Mountain



Kenshin and Tomoe live like a married couple at the countryside. Throughout the episode, their relationship deepens. Mitsuka appear every now and then with news about the latest happenings. As time passes, Kenshin is feeling peace with himself (His face scar is healing nicely).


One night, Tomoe asks Kenshin why doesn't he question her about her background. Kenshin replies that he felt bad about dragging her into the mess. Surely, her family must be worried about her. At another place, Mitsuka turns out to be a spy for Tomoe's family, who wants to avenge Tomoe's fiancée. This is the best time to attack Kenshin who hasn’t been using his sword for quite some time. Kabun discovers this and tries to report this to Katsura. However, he ends up dead in a spilt second.


The next day, Tomoe is surprised that her younger brother, Enishi manages to find her. While Kenshin works at the field, Enishi persuades Tomoe to kill Kenshin as soon as she has the chance. Isn’t this why she came to Kyoto in the beginning? Isn't this why she brought a dagger with her? However, Tomoe tells him to return home. She wants to live peacefully with Kenshin. Enishi is taken back. Tomoe is supposed to hate him! Why is she sliding with him? Enishi leaves, carrying an umbrella that belonged to Tomoe. He glares at Kenshin.


Later, Tomoe tells Kenshin about her past. She is a daughter of a rice merchant. Her mother had passed away after Enishi is born. Since then, she has been a sister and a mother to him. Kenshin reveals that he has regretted his past actions and hopes to lives in peace.


Soon, winter arrives. One day, Kenshin promises to Tomoe that he will always protect her. Tomoe realized that she has fallen in love with Kenshin. She can't kill him like she has planned to. The man who took her happiness has given her a new one. They share a moment of passion. Kenshin tells her when the new era comes, he want to be with her. Tomoe smiles for the first time.


The next day, Kenshin wakes up to find her missing. Mitsuka appears and tells him Tomoe's identity. The man who gave Kenshin the scar on his cheek is actually Tomoe's fiancé! Kenshin remembers that Tomoe has kept a diary and starts to read it. After learning the devastating truth, Kenshin's face starts to bleed.