Episode 4 - The Crossed Scar



Mitsuka tells Kenshin that Tomoe has gone to the temple that is located at the hilltop. There, he will have to face some people who want him dead. Tomoe walks slowly along the snowy pathway. Enishi is very happy to see her. Tomoe enters into the temple and sees a middle-aged warrior (Sorrie, I don’t think that I have caught his name)



Kenshin follows Tomoe's footsteps. His face is bleeding profusely; his hands hold Tomoe's purple shawl.



Tomoe wants an explanation for their actions. Why didn't they wait for her signal? The answer is that they have found out that the legendary Battousai has feelings and that is his weakness. His feeling towards Tomoe is his weakness. Tomoe is his weakness. Battousai would have probably found out the truth and is an unstable emotional state. Tomoe realized that she has been used. Her hands go behind her back.



Kenshin is being attacked and is injured during the fight. Like the warrior has predicted, Kenshin is not focused in his fighting.



The warrior snatches away the dagger that Tomoe is about to take out and slaps her. Women are incapable of controlling their feelings. They can love and hate the same man. Tomoe tries to bite off her tongue but the warrior stops her. He isn't going to let her commit suicide that easily.



The attacker is heavily wounded by Kenshin. Before he dies, he pulls a rope that is hidden underneath the snow. An explosion.



The warrior questions Tomoe. Has she forgotten about her fiancé? Has she forgotten about what was she supposed to do? Her fiancé has died for her and for the country. It's a man's duty to fight for the country when it is in turmoil. When the country returns to stability, only then can the people experience true happiness. This is what he has died for.



Two more attackers approach Kenshin



It's a pity that Tomoe has fallen in love. However, it is common for humans to make mistakes. It is not too late to change.



All that Kenshin could think about is Tomoe. Another explosion.



The warrior is determined to kill Kenshin. He would let not his fellow comrades die for nothing.



Kenshin collapses from his wounds but gets up. Petals of plum blossoms fall across his path. He remembers the questions that the people have brought up about Tomoe. Still, he wants to be with her. He wants to bring her to Otsu with him. The falling snow reacts to his spirit. Inside the temple, Tomoe seems to hear Kenshin's voice. The wind blows snow inside the temple. She opens the door and sees Kenshin. The warrior begins his assault.



Tomoe closes her eyes and covers her ears. Then, she senses someone. Looking up, she sees her fiancé all covered in blood. His hand holds out a plum blossom.



Meanwhile Kenshin is doing very badly. The warrior takes out the dagger. With his last strength, Kenshin charges forward with his eyes closed. He prays for Tomoe's forgiveness for taking away her happiness. Then, he has a vision for him standing in front of a wooden cross; a purple shawl is tied around it. He remembers his promise to Tomoe that he will always protect her…



The sound of a body is being sliced. Kenshin opens his eyes. To his horror, he sees Tomoe in front of him. Apparently, she was trying to act as a shield for Kenshin. The warrior dies. Kenshin screams.



Before Tomoe dies, she holds out the dagger (which the warrior intended to use to finish off Kenshin) and gives Kenshin another scar on his cheek, completing the famous crossed scar that Hitokiri Battousia is known of. She asks for forgiveness. Kenshin holds her in his arms. Enishi who has witnessed the entire fight, is shaking uncontrollably.



Kenshin mourns for Tomoe. He blames himself for making her suffer unnecessary pain, vowing to remember her love and care. Someday, he will repay for all those that he had killed.



At a harbour, Mitsuka prepares to leave. Katsura has followed and kill him for his betrayal. Later, he finds Kenshin and asks him for his service. Kenshin agrees but when the new era has come, he wishes to put down his sword. Katsura knows that he has made a mistake - a sword is meant to protect not to destroy. At night, Kenshin burns down the house and left. Soon, Kenshin is involved with many battles including his fight with the Shinsen-gumi, especially Saitou Haijime (Somehow, their fight is never concluded). Throughout the whole time, Kenshin carries Tomoe's purple shawl with him.



It's the dawn of the Meiji Era. Hiko Seijirou walks back to the graveyard (where Kenshin buried his 3 guardians) and finds a wooden cross behind the three stone graves. A purple shawl is tied around it. He looks up at the bronze-copper sky.



What is your name, boy?




Your name is too gentle for a swordsman. From now on, your name is Kenshin.