Part 5

Otaru and the others have arrived at the forest located on the outskirts of Japones. Without thinking, Otaru rushes in without a second thought. Just then, he stepped on a switch on which the tree in front of him opened a trapdoor and darts flew towards him.

"Mamiya Otaru, abunai!" Luchs shouted and quickly dragged him onto safe ground, the darts narrowly missing them.

Otaru fell onto the ground on his head. "Itai…"

"Mamiya Otaru, Faust sama instructed you to follow me…" Luchs stood up and turned on her detector. "Faust sama was right. This place is filled with traps. Baikou, Tama, to get to the left locations, there will be a total of three traps laid for you guys. Keep a lookout for them." With that, she passed a communicating device to Baikou and Tamasaburou. "Be careful."

"Hai!" without hesitation, they whipped out their weapons and entered the forest.

"Tiger, Panther, the path to the right locations are longer, therefore there are more traps laid. You guys got to be more careful. The switches to the traps are not only laid on the ground, but there are some from above too. Take care." Luchs ended, handing the communication device to Tiger and Panther which they put on their earrings.

"You be careful yourself…" Tiger said, smiling grimly at Luchs.

"Jaa, Luchs." Panther said before jumping into the forest together with Tiger.

"Sa, Mamiya Otaru. Follow me very closely." Luchs said, whipping out her darts and jumped into the forest. Otaru ran in, following suit.


Meanwhile, in an old hut, the kidnapper sat. He was carefully removing the metal on his desk, and he is working on a model that he has set up. Then, he approaches the box where he has kept the 2 otome kairos and takes the first one out. This is otome kairo JSM-02C.

He carries the otome kairo onto the desk which he had been working on and took out his tools and began to do the minor operation on the otome kairo. With skilful fingers, he removed the memory chip embedded within the otome kairo. He then placed the otome kairo into another contraption he had and replicated the chip. After replication, he placed the original chip on the table and inserted the chip he has duplicated into the model that he had been working on previously.

Master, I will find you soon…

Just then, as he was adjusting the model, the red "ALERT" signal on one of his contraptions suddenly flickered. On seeing it, he realises that the quiet wood that he's hiding in has been invaded.



Meanwhile, Otaru and Luchs are on their way to find the kidnapper. With deft moves, Luchs avoided all the traps, jumping and dodging in a beautiful style. On the other hand, Otaru is busy ducking the traps and catching up with Luchs. It was at this point of time when Faust voice rang in Luchs earring. She stopped, and Otaru, busy running, collided into her.

"Hut is 10 feet away from your location."

On hearing that, Otaru rushed to the hut and flung open the door.

"End your game now you lout!" he shouted. But instead, he only sees an empty table and Cherry's chip on the table. Then he hears a voice.

"Ha ha ha. Well, didn't I tell you that we will meet again? Hope you liked my present!!"

"Hey! Come back you lou…"Otaru began, frustrated that he had lost again. Luchs ran in and detected the surroundings.

"He's using a sound device. Daijoubu, I can detect the location of Bloodberry's otome kairo. It must be with him. Mamiya Otaru, I think that is Cherry's memory chip. Please take it."

"Oh… all right." Without hesitation Otaru reached over and grabbed the chip. Meanwhile, Luchs has sent out warnings to the other marionettes standing by at the hideout locations.

Within minutes, Baikou, Tamasaburou, Tiger and Panther had received feedback about the kidnapper's location and stood guard their locations to prevent the kidnapper from escaping.

"Mamiya Otaru, he went that way! Follow me…"Luchs said and began to run off again. Otaru followed.


Kuso! The kidnapper thought to himself. In the first place, he never thought that with so many traps placed in the forest, they were still able to find him. But now, the real shock awaits him. As he tried to find a hiding place, Luchs and Otaru hot on his heels, he found to his dismay that the 'hiding places' which he had prepared to seek refuge were all guarded already. He has guessed that JSM-03B might have a tracking system inserted within but he would not let it go. Clutching it even tighter, he ran on, hoping that there might be a location that they had overlooked so he could go in and hide.

Just then, he realised that the hiding place near the entrance of the woods appears to be unguarded. Hence, He ran in, hoping that he'll be safe in here.

After a short while, Luchs and Otaru reached the location.

"Everything went as Faust sama predicted. He's seeking refuge in here." Luchs began.

"HEY YOU! LET GO OF CHERRY AND BLOODBERRY NOW! WHAT DO YOU WANT ANYWAY! WHY ARE YOU TORTURING MY MARIONETTES!" Otaru, pissed that the kidnapper is so near him but he hasn't seen him yet, felt his blood boil and shouted into the hiding place. Suddenly, he saw a radiating purple glow from the hiding place. Covering Luchs with his body, Otaru quickly pushed Luchs away, narrowly escaping the radius of the plasma energy that's given off. When he looked up, he sees Faust standing in front of the hiding place with Lorelei.


"Thank goodness I came in time. Right everyone, let's go in."

"But Faust sama… the traps within…" Luchs began.

"We should be able to see him without having to comb the trees." Faust said, having a slight grin on his face. He then went in. The rest followed suit.

Just then, the four dolls guarding the locations have left their posts and came over to meet up with Faust and gang.

Faust walked in, looking around. Then after a short while, he stopped. Otaru, too, stopped in wonder. The rest followed. And looked in the direction Faust is looking.

"Are wa…" Otaru began, his eyes open in wonder.

"Yes, this is the kidnapper whose been torturing your marionettes."

Everyone stopped and took a look at the person who fell and lost consciousness some 10 feet away from them. Luchs ran forward and turned the man over. He did not have anything on him. This puzzled Faust.

"That's strange… the otome kairos must be with him… " He approached the man and searched his body for the otome kairos. Then, his hands touched something on his body which caused Faust's eyes to open in wonder. Surprised, he withdrew his hand quickly, as if he has just touched a live wire. He stood still for a moment or so, his eyes focusing on the man. He was shocked. How could it be? That's so strange… Still surprised, he reached for the man's hand and raised it to feel his pulse. For the first time ever since the whole incident happened, Faust's face betrayed his disbelief towards the man in front of him. Otaru looked on in bewilderment.

"Faust? Any findings?" Otaru called out.

"His pulse… that's strange…" Faust began, shaking his head. Otaru ran forward as Faust rolled up the man's long sleeves. Otaru's eyes widened in wonder and he gaped. They stood there, unable to believe their eyes. Lorelei looked on still.

"Lorelei… come and look at this…" Faust called after a little while. Lorelei came forward. On seeing the man's hands, she gave a gasp and reeled backwards, clutching a nearby tree for support, unable to believe her eyes. It really is him…

"There is something strange about this man. Tama, Baikou, take this man back to the Japones Castle."

*E*N*D* *O*F* *P*A*R*T* *5*

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