Chapter 1 – the path of revenge


A terrified teenager held her younger brother protectively while she struggles to fight back her tears, which were flowing uncontrollably. 2 men stood in front of them. One of them stepped forward, eyes filled with blood thirst, his earrings on his left ear tingled with excitement. He raised his dagger and smiled with evil.

The girl immediately sensed the danger and threw herself in front of her brother. The dagger hit right into her back. Blood spurted out. The boy screamed in terror.


The ambulance and the police came. The bleeding girl was carried onto a stretcher. Her crying brother was by her side.


“What a tragedy,” said a neighbour. “This boy had lost his parents in a car accident. Now his sister murdered by a ruthless killer. Who could have done such an unforgivable thing?”

“I do sorry for the kid,” commented a policeman. “Still, he was fortunate enough that one of our men just happened to in that area. I’m afraid that the lad is going to have a hard life.”

“It’s pity that the Fates couldn’t give him a better life,” agreed an old lady.


“Tokiya,” whispered the dying girl. “I’m afraid that you will be on your own from now on.”

“Sister,” said the crying boy.

“Please try not to talk,” said a doctor.


The girl took out a wrapped object and gave it to her brother.

“This is for you.”

“What .. what is this?”

“This is what these men are after. It’s our family treasure for years. Father said that its name is Ensui. I don’t know what it can do but I have protecting it. So, learn more about Ensui and learn how to use it.. Protect it always .. and .. it will protect you .. Tokiya,” gasped the dying girl. “I know that you will make me proud .. I will watch over .. you .. with mother .. and father … Protect Ensui . .. always . and it … will … protect you ..”


Her outstretched hand fell.


“SISTER!!!!” cried out the boy, bursting into uncontrollable tears. Everyone kept silent.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“The one who killed you sister is actually our master, Meguri Koyza,” said Kai.

“No, it can’t be,” cried out the same boy who had grown into a teenager. His grayish-green eyes widen with shock.


“When he first saw you, he immediately recognized the master in you. He thought that revenge will make you improve your skills quickly. So, he disguised himself and killed your sister.”


“Mikagami, you are still young and there are many things in life to live for. People who walked down the path of revenge will end up with a bloody death. Death is something to be feared, Mikagami. Why do you welcome its presence?”


“Tokiya Mikagami. It was an honour fighting with you. Don’t be like me, a man filled with nothing but revenge and hatred. You must live on,” Kai threw himself off the edge of the cliff.


“KAI!” shouted Tokiya as he watched Kai falling into the darkness below.


~ ~ ~ ~

“It has been seven years since you become my pupil,” said Meguri Koyza. “Is your decision still the same?”

“Yes,” answered Tokiya, his eyes showed no emotion.


“Taking the path of revenge is hard way to live. Ensui requires the blood of your enemies and soon, you too will be covered with blood as well.”


“I came prepared for this.”


“Yes,” chuckled Koyza. “Yes, I’m sure you are.” Turning his head, revealing the earrings on his left ear. Tokiya gasped in shock.


Before Tokiya could react, Koyza plunged a dagger into his chest. Blood immediately soaked his shirt. Tokiya threw up blood, staggered and fell to the ground, which eagerly drank his blood.


Koyza grinned. The same grin, that took the life of Tokiya’s sister, Mifuyu. The same blood thirst look.


“Ensui is finally mine. Your family treasure is finally mine.”


“Protect Ensui as much as I have protected it. ..” said the dying Mifuyu.


“Never!” screamed Tokiya. With all his might, he stabbed Koyza right at the heart. Koyza’s eyes widen with surprise at his opponent’s sudden attack. Tokiya pulled out Ensui. Koyza staggered, his hands clutching at the bleeding wound. He turned slightly. Seeing his chance, Tokiya stabbed him at the back.


“Revenge for my sister! Die!”


Blood spurted onto the ground. Koyza lay motionless onto the ruby-coloured ground, face down.


Tokiya panted heavily. His body filled with pain each time he took a breath. Kneeling down, he turned over Koyza’s body only to see Mifuyu’s face staring back at him.


“Sister? … sister!” He quickly held Mifuyu in his arms. She looked like an angel, white and pure. Her chestnut hair shone brightly against her bloodstained dress.


“Tokiya,” blood flowed out from her mouth. “You’ve killed me.” She lifted her hand and touched the trembling boy’s face. “But I forgive you.”


Her hand dropped onto the ground.


“No, this isn’t real …. It’s not true… This can’t be happening! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!”

~ ~  ~

Tokiya sat up immediately. His whole body soaked in sweat. “A nightmare?” Panting heavily, he stared out at the windows. The sunrays were beginning to spread across the dark-blue sky. 


“The one who killed your sister is actually our master, Meguri Koyza.”

“Protect Ensui, our family treasure.”

“He thought that revenge would improve your skills.”

“Protect Ensui and it’ll protect you.”

“Tokiya Mikagami, people who walk the path of revenge will end up dying a bloody death. You are still young and have a promising future in life. Why are you throwing all this away?”


“It was an honour fighting with you, Mikagami. You must live on.”


“Revenge is like a double edged sword. It hurts your enemies and you as well. However, the pain you suffered is much worse than the pain you inflicted upon your enemies. Painful as the tortures of hell.”


“I came prepared for this .. prepared for this .. prepared for this ..”


“I thought that I was prepared to walk down the path of revenge but I wasn’t .. I wasn’t prepared at all. But isn’t it too late to turn back now?”


Crystal blue tears flowed down his smooth face as he looked at the bright morning sky. The same morning sky, that took Mifuyu’s soul towards the heaven.