Chapter 2 – First encounter


“Good morning, mi-chan,” greeted Fuko , tossing her purple hair to one side. Tokiya merely nodded his head and sat down on a bench.


“Hey morning Fuko!” shouted Recca who is holding Yanagi’s hand.


“And a very good morning to you, lovebirds,” smiled Fuko. She patted Tokiya’s shoulder. “Mi-chan. Recca and your little sister, Yanagi are here.”


“Good morning, Tokiya,” said Yanagi, smiling at Tokiya.

“Huh. .. ah ..  oh .. good morning, Yanagi,” murmured Tokiya, giving a faint smile.


“Kogenai will be meeting us this afternoon after school. We are going to do some training. Hey, Tokiya, wanna train with us? .. Tokiya? Tokiya?”


“Huh? Sure, Recca. This afternoon will be fine.”

Fuko rubbed Tokiya’s head. “Yo, Tokiya. Are you all right? You keep on staring into space or something. Are you sick?”


“Tokiya, are you sick?” asked Yanagi, placing her hand on Tokiya’s forehead. “You don’t seem to have a fever..”


“I’m okay, really. I’m fine, “ replied Tokiya. He stood up. “ I just have lots of things on my mind.”

Patting Yanagi’s head, he walked towards the school library, leaving the others to stare at him.


“Something is wrong with Tokiya,” said Recca.

“Yeah. It’s almost like he is becoming cold as ice again. Like he was before.”


The memory of his first encounter with Tokiya Mikagami is still fresh in Recca’s mind. He was the first one to injure Recca’s pride and caused him to lose his self-confidence. Yes, he was as cold as ice. No emotion. Untouchable. Despite that, he was the one to help them to rescue Yanagi from Kurei’s mansion, fought with them in the Urabutousatsoujin and defeated their archenemy, Mori Kougan. During these times, the Tokiya’s cold exterior slowly melted away, revealing his true inner self but there was something. Something, that is preventing him to reveal his inner self completely.


“Recca? Recca?”


“Darn you, Fuko!” yelled Recca, rubbing his head. “ Why did you do that for?”

“Have to,” Fuko grinned. “You are just stand there like a statue. Don’t you know that Yanagi & I were screaming right into your ears?”

“Recca, what were you thinking about?” asked Yanagi.

“Oh, nothing. I was just remembering the first time I met Tokiya. I was almost killed by him but you saved my life, Hime.”


Yanagi nodded.



The tall young man stopped and turned around. He stood still and stared at the tear-stained face of a girl who looked so much like Mifuyu. The girl looked at him for a few seconds before running towards the lying figure on the ground.


The young man continued to stare at her. “ Who.. who are you?”

“ How .. how could you do such a thing? Don’t you have a heart?”

There was silence for a while, followed by the sound of cold laughter.


“The heart of the human soul. Yes, it’s true that I’ve forgotten what it is like to have a heart. Recca Hanabishi, this will save your life. But I’ll reveal your true self and kill you in order to find the one who killed my sister.”


“But he means what he says…”


“Listen, little ninja. You have to commit suicide. When I found out that you are not able to protect Yanagi, I will cut you in half myself.”


“I guess that Tokiya is not his self recently is that because he haven’t got over the truth that Meguri Koyaza is actually the one who killed sister. Remember what Shadow said.”


“The moment that he learnt that his teacher, whom he respected & trusted the most is the one who killed his sister. His emotion, confidence and mental strength is completely mixed up. Anger, fear, distrust, hatred, suspicion, disbelief … Right now, he’s really confused mentally. Sometimes, he falls into a state of depression or frustration. If he doesn’t get out of his pain, revenge will consume him completely. As much we wanted to help him, he is the only one to overcome it.”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“Nadare, shooting fireballs!” yelled Recca.

Fireballs flew towards Tokiya, who remain calm and composed as ever. Within seconds, he nimbly past each fireballs while destroying them with his Ensui.


“Darn!” cursed Recca.

“Ice shower!”

“Huh?” Recca looked up and saw ice darts aiming towards him. “Mudoka!” A bright red light surrounded him, protecting him from the ice darts. Dust and smoke appeared.


“Recca!” cried out Yanagi.

“I’m fine, Hime,” smiled Recca, rubbing the blood from his face. “Tokiya and I are just training.”

“I know .. but.”

“It’s alright, Yanagi,” chipped Kogenai. “We have to train ourselves to be fit and ready for any unexpected attacks.” He gave a yawn. “Still, it has been a very long time since we defeated Mori Kougan. Sigh! My body is aching for a good fight. Recca! Tokiya! Will you two guys hurry up? I’m tired of fighting with Fuuko and Domon. They are a bunch of losers!”


“What did you say, you little monkey!” yelled Fuko.

“Yeah!” agreed Domon.

“If you want some more, Koganei. Then come on. Fujin!” A gust of wind appeared around Koganei’s feet. He smiled, his brown eyes shined with excitement. “Let’s do it, Fuko! Well, at least you are better than ring-nosed pig.”


Recca panted heavily as he dodged Tokiya’s violent attacks. Blood spurts out from Recca’s arm. He staggered for a moment and looked at Tokiya.


Tokiya was panting too. He remained composed as ever. But there was something wrong with his eyes. They don’t look focused. In fact, they looked angry, confused.. .


“The one who killed your sister is actually our master, Meguri Koyaza.”


~ ~ ~ ~


It was night and the moon was shining its faint light upon a boy who was kneeling at a grave. Tears of great pain and sorrow fell onto the cold stone ground.


“Tokiya! Look out!” screamed Mifuyu, who threw herself in front of her little brother. A flying dagger struck her at the back. Bright red blood spurts out followed by a terrified scream.


“Sister … sister,” cried out Tokiya. “ I’m so sorry. I should have done something instead of being scared. I should have protected you from them. I should have … “


“Don’t blame yourself, kid.”

“Huh?” Tokiya turned around and saw a man, who was dressed in some martial art clothes.

“Even if you try, you will also end up dead. Then your sister will have died for nothing.”


The boy shook at the words while holding the dagger-like object tightly.


“But, you can still make up for your sister’s death.”

 “How?” Tokiya’s greenish grey eyes pleading for a answer.

“By taking revenge.”


Tokiya’s eyes widen at the word ‘revenge’.

“Revenge .. but .. how? I don’t even know who killed my sister. Not even the police know who did it. Furthermore, I don’t even know how to fight.”


The man looked sternly at him.


“Tell me, Tokiya Mikagami. What’s that object that you are carrying?”

Tokiya looked at the dagger-like object. “My sister calls it Ensui. She told me that it is our family treasure. She told me to protect it like she did..”


“Do you know what Ensui is?”

“No”, murmured Tokiya.


“Ensui is a madough made by the Hokage Ninja Clan. The clan was destroyed during a civil war. Ensui controls the element, water. Its power lies within this element. It’s a powerful madough that your family possessed.”


“Ensui is made by the Hokage Ninja Clan. Its power laid within the element, water,” murmured Tokiya.


“If you don’t believe me, Point Ensui towards that small pool of water.”


Tokiya slowly point Ensui towards the small pool. Within seconds, water flew out from the pool and towards Ensui, forming a crystal blue sword. The Ensui sparkled in the moonlight.


“Did .. did I do that?” said Tokiya who stared in awe of the beautiful sword. The man smiled.


“It seems like Fate has allowed you to take revenge for your sister.”


“Revenge … revenge for Mifuyu,” thought Tokiya.


“Protect Ensui and it will protect you. Learn how to use Ensui. … Learn how to use it .. Learn how use it.”


“Mifuyu told me to learn how to use Ensui before she died. Revenge. Yes.” He looked at Ensui. “Yes, If I could master Ensui, I will find the bastard who killed her and have my revenge.”


Tokiya looked at the moon, “ Now, I have a goal to continue my life. Revenge. Revenge for Mifuyu. I will find the bastard who killed Mifuyu and killed him. But … does that man know about Ensui?”


He turned around and said, “ How do you know about Ensui? Mister  .. Mister..”



“Meguri Koyaza.”


“The one who killed your sister is actually our master, Meguri Koyaza.”

“Meguri Koyaza. That’s my name.”


“Revenge for Mifuyu. Die, Meguri Koyaza! Die!”